BPI 24/7 Get Out More Promo Gives You A Chance to Fly To Exciting Destinations and Have More Fun in The Philippines!

More than three years ago, when I left the corporate world to become a full time blogger, I honestly thought that I would finally have more time to relax, go out, and travel to places I haven't been to. As it turned out though (and not that I'm complaining because really, everything is a blessing), my schedule became a lot tighter and I ended up working longer hours not just on my blogposts but also for digital marketing clients both inside and outside the country who discovered me via my blog. Yes, work is fun but it can be tiring sometimes and I would often catch myself daydreaming about the beautiful places in our country I would rather be in that in front of my computer. And this is exactly the reason why I totally get the point and see the beauty in BPI 24/7's newest campaign.

Last week, I graced Bank of the Philippine Islands' invitation for the launch of their travel and rewards campaign done in partnership with Zest Airways Inc., Philippine Hotel Reservations Service Inc. (PHRS) called “Get Out More” which gives BPI and BPI Family clients a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for four (4) to the seven (7) of the top destinations in the country, namely, Boracay, Bohol, Davao, Puerto Princesa, Cebu, Legazpi, and Iloilo, for three days plus pocket money worth Php 24,700 simply by paying bills online, over landline, or through their smartphones via the company's Express Mobile app.

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BPI Relationship Manager Zhars Pelea, Bank of the Philippine Islands' Assistant Vice President, Carlo Gatuslao, and Senior Vice President and Head of Electronic Channels Group, Noel Tagaza; Zest Air’s Assistant Vice President-Business Development, Vanessa Caceres; and Philippine Hotel Reservations Service Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Lila Rosenberger; and BPI’s Brand Manager, Patrick Zulueta.

According to BPI, "We believe that our clients deserve time to be able to take a break, or simply just have time for themselves. It is a known fact that people are more productive when they are able to get out more, and maintain a good 'work-life balance.' This is why BPI 24/7 Banking aims to help clients to get out more, as it makes banking more fun in the Philippines through its electronic channels."

Mr. Noel Tagaza, BPI's Senior Vice President and Head of the Electronics Channels Group added, "Banking with BPI is now a rewarding experience as we give out clients an opportunity to spend less time doing their banking transactions through our convenient, fast, and secure banking channels that allow them to have more personal time for themselves and their families. As we enable them to take control of their time, we encourage them to get out more through this new travel and rewards campaign promo, and experience that truly, 'It's more fun in the Philippines!'"

I've been a happy BPI Family account holder since 2006 and of course, I would be more than happy to join this promo. I totally agree with BPI, if we get out more and have more fun in relaxing places apart from our work, we'll become more productive in the long run. So really, if you're rather workaholic like me, travelling will do us well. Now, if you're also interested to join the promo, here's how you do it:

With a minimum bill payment of fifty pesos (Php 50.00) made through any of the BPI 24/7 channels, which include Express Online, Express Phone, or Express Mobile, clients get to earn a raffle entry to 'Get Out More' promo. Two raffle entries will be awarded to the first qualified payment made to a particular merchant reference or account number during the promo period. Succeeding qualified payments will earn one raffle entry each in the succeeding calendar month. Breaking of transactions or repeat payments made to the same merchant reference or account number within the same calendar month will not earn raffle entries. To learn more about the campaign, simply visit www.getoutmore.ph