Sony VAIO Tap 20 Tablet PC Price, Specifications, Release Date, Features, Exclusive Demo Video!

I must admit I went to Sony's 'Touch' product launch at the Mind Museum yesterday morning thinking that they'd simply announce the successor to last year's Sony Tablet S.

Instead, the Japanese company shocked me by introducing two unbelievable hybrids that got me thinking about altogether revising my Christmas Gadget Wish-list.

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One of which is the incredible 20-inch tablet PC, Sony VAIO Tap 20.

sony vaio tap 20, sony vaio tablet, sony vaio tap 20 tablet

If you're already at wits' end trying to choose between a big tablet and conventional PC to blow your hard-earned money on, then you might want to check out this hottie.

According to Sony, the VAIO Tap 20 is a new concept in home computing that's a tabletop PC and so much more (Actually, it simply looks like a ginormous tablet to me and I think I can totally work it out; I just need to find a giant bag or case to carry it around. Hehe.). "Portable, battery-powered VAIO Tap 20 fits right into any living space. Flip out the in-built stand and tilt the tablet at a comfortable angle for 'lean back' photo/movie editing by touch operation, browsing and entertainment or stand it upright and use as a fully-functioning desktop PC."

sony vaio tap 20, sony vaio tablet, sony vaio tap 20 tablet
The 20-inch panel offers clear, bright images with a wide angle of view and paired with Mobile BRAVIA, delivers crisp and natural movie viewing with fine details and fluid on-screen movement. Responsive 10-point multi-touch operation, on the other hand, lets all family members join in simultaneously when playing multi-player games.

Other features include Sony's very own ClearAudio+ mode that enhances the overall audio experience with the device, One-touch function for easily and instantaneously enjoying music and images across an array of NFC-enabled Sony devices without the need for any Bluetooth or WiFi set up, PlayMemories Home software that allows you to import, edit and share photos and videos, and finally, a slew of apps that are optimised for the powerful multi-touch capabilities of Sony VAIO Tap 20.

sony vaio tap 20, sony vaio tablet, sony vaio tap 20 tablet
Sony VAIO Tap 20 will be available in the Philippines within this month (October 2012) for Php 59,999 with Sony offering with a 12-months 0% interest promo. The tablet PC will come replete with key specifications including Intel Core i5-3317U Processor, Windows 8 operating system, 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz SDRAM, 500GB HDD 5400rpm drive, Intel HD Graphics 4000, and VGP-BPS21B Lithium-ion battery delivering up to 2.5 hours of uptime.

Now, I know the question that's in your mind is, "It's a tablet; Can you hold and use it as one?"

sony vaio tap 20, sony vaio tablet, sony vaio tap 20 tablet
Well, it's a really, really big tablet (with dimensions 504 mm x 312mm x 45 mm in maximum tilt) and it's kinda heavy too (weighing around 5.2 kg including battery) so I would suggest that you just lay it flat on the table should you want to ditch the keyboard and just use your fingers to play games on the screen. Then again, I won't stop you from actually carrying it like a giant iPad or Surface tablet, for that matter (because really, it can work like that and I like that); Just be extra careful with it. Believe me, you wouldn't want to drop this on your foot or to just drop it, period.

Anyway, our friend from Sony gave us a quick demo of Sony VAIO Tap 20. Check out the clip (and watch me and my friend Gabe of play with the tablet-PC's front-facing camera -- because we're fun like that);