Install Pop Up Player on Samsung Galaxy Note First Generation, SGS2 or Any Android Smartphone Easily!

One of the new multimedia features that comes with Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note2 is Pop Up Play - which is basically a pop-up window that lets you watch videos while doing other things on your phone like texting, browsing the web, or even typing an email; Hence, bringing the idea of multi-tasking on a smartphone to a whole new level.

Really, it's a cool addition to the solid set of improvements that you can get on the Korean Giant's flagship handsets this year, namely, quad core processor, bigger display, refreshed design, among others. But if all that aren't enough to convince you to upgrade from your first generation Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy S2 to their 2012 follow-up, know that it's still possible for you to experience and enjoy at least one of these enhancements.

I recently discovered this free application on Google Play Store, which does almost exactly what Pop Up Play delivers. And it's called Super Video, Floating & Popup.

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It's just a gallery for all videos that you have on your smartphone but it has a resizeable player (replete with controls, mind you) that goes on top of the interface, allowing you to accomplish other tasks on your handset while watching clips.

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The first thing it does it that it detects all videos on your phone and then, it presents them in this neat gallery. When you click on a thumbnail, the video will automatically play on a pop up window. Ain't that cool?

I believe this application is also available for other Android smartphones so if you're not using a previous generation Samsung flagship handset and you want to experience this Pop Up Play thingy or something very similar to it, feel free to download and install the app. Oh, and you might also want to donate a few bucks to its hardworking creator, GPC.