BPI Express Mobile App Demo on Apple iPhone 5 : Download and Install App Now on your iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Java-Enabled Smartphone or Tablet!

Great news for BPI and BPI Family account holders!

Bank of the Philippine Islands now has a free mobile application available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Java-Enabled smartphones, which will allow you to check your balance and transaction history, pay bills, and a whole lot more, on the go!

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Last week, our friend Mr. Alejandro Alejo, BPI's Brand Manager for Express Mobile, gave us an exclusive demo of the application running on his brand new iPhone 5 (Yes, he's one of the first to own one in the Philippines. Cool, eh?)! Check it out:

So again, some of the things you can do with the free app include Balance Inquiry, Transaction History, Pay Bills, Reload Phone or Broadband, Transfer to Own, Transfer to 3rd Party or to Anyone (but you'd have to apply for this service for free at a BPI branch near you), Checkbook Re-order, Stop Payment Order, Change Password, Enroll Additional Account, and Enroll 3rd Party Account. I think that, aside from allowing you to monitor your transactions and to pay your bills, Transfer to 3rd Party will be the most appreciated feature of the app as it comes in totally handy when you, your business partner, friend or loved one is out-of-town and you need someone to immediately transfer cash to your account.

If you're banking with BPI and you already have an Express Online account, all you have to do is to follow these three very simple steps to get the application running on your smartphone:

1. Go to bpiexpressonline.com and log-in to your account.

2. Under Other Services, click Express Mobile Registration, choose Mobile Banking, and fill out the required fields and click submit. You will then receive an SMS with a link to the BPI App Download page.

3. Click on 'Continue' to download and install the app. Now, to use your BPI Express Mobile app, click on BPI icon on your smartphone, log-in using your BPI Express Online User ID and password to start your mobile banking experience.

According to Mr. Alejo, the app is safe and secure and it will automatically log you off if you become inactive for a few minutes.