Make the Right Call for Your Business: Use Cordless Phones

Phone systems are an essential part of any business environment, and you need to make sure that you’ve got a system which complements your everyday activities.

Cordless phones are a great option for most businesses, as they allow staff to move around while speaking to customers. This is particularly important if you often find yourself looking for files or information which a client has requested over the phone; a cordless phone will allow you to continue speaking with a customer while you look for what you need to answer their query. Traditional desk phones can, of course, have a ‘hold’ option (although most cordless systems now offer this too), which you can use to keep a client on the line when you leave the phone. However, being put on hold can feel slightly automated and impersonal, and many people would rather not listen to five minutes of elevator music!

cordless phones

Companies which undertake practical work (such as garages, salons, bakeries, cafes and so on) may not want a fixed corded phone which forces you to stay in one place while speaking. A cordless model will allow you to multitask while taking orders and making arrangements and you can even opt for models with multiple handsets which you can place in convenient locations around your premises.

Smaller businesses in particular may want to use cordless phones, as a small office or workspace may only have one telephone socket for a phone to connect to. In this instance, a base unit with a couple of other phones included is a good choice to make the most of the connection point that you have available.

Do look for a good battery life when buying a cordless phone system, particularly if you want members of staff to be able to keep phones on them all day. In large companies such as a garden centre, supervisors may not be near a desk all day to answer the phone. In this instance, a cordless model with a decent battery life is ideal, so that they can have it on them all day, and simply replace it in its cradle to be recharged again overnight.