Is This Samsung Galaxy S4? So It Looks Like SGS3? We'll Know For Sure In A Bit!

It's only a matter of hours now before Samsung Mobile officially unveils its 2013 flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, via an exclusive media event in New York.

But almost in cue, industry insiders and gadget enthusiasts in China who claim to have played with the much-talked about handset simply couldn't keep themselves from disclosing confidential information and have taken it upon themselves to upload purported images and even videos of the device on tech websites and forums.

Could this be the real Samsung Galaxy S4?

samsung galaxy s4

These images depict a smartphone with a 5-inch display and design identity largely similar to the nature-inspired, pebble-like form factor of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note2 both released in 2012. The back of the device is almost the same as that of SGS3 but the LED flash had been re-positioned below the camera. Likewise, compared to both of its predecessors, the supposed SGS4 appears to flaunt a thicker metal lining, which shouldn't only make the phone look more elegant but also make it far more durable.

samsung galaxy s4
The two photos shown above merely reinforce the veracity of Samsung Galaxy S4 images leaked a week before.

samsung galaxy s4
Also, photos of new Samsung Galaxy S4 cases are now starting to appearing all over the internet. And what's interesting is that the design of the cases likewise supports what we are seeing in the SGS4 images uploaded in China.

I'm personally on the fence about these images. Last year, anonymous people leaked purported images of Samsung Galaxy S3, which turned out to be inaccurate. Do you remember that, TP Friends? Yes, they got photos of an actual Samsung device (it was the Samsung Galaxy Player) but it wasn't what they claimed it was. Frankly, if there's anything that Samsung clearly does better than Apple these days, it's keeping the design of its future products under wraps until their formal announcement. But let's see, maybe the insiders got it right this time.

Samsung Mobile is scheduled to officially introduce Samsung Galaxy S4 at exactly 7AM Manila Time, March 15, 2013. You can watch Samsung UNPACKED 2013 Live Streaming on Youtube later and be one of the first to see the Korean company's much-awaited flagship handset this year! If you're a Samsung fan, kindly share this post on Facebook and Twitter and let me know your thoughts about the photos above and on Samsung Galaxy S4 by writing them down in our comments section. Exciting times, right?!