Smart Mega All-In 250 Promo is Sulit! Unlimited Texts To All Networks, 180 Minutes Tri-Net Calls, and 100 MB of Mobile Internet for 30 Days for Just Php 250!

First off, contrary to what you may be thinking, this is not a paid or sponsored entry.

I was using Opera Mini on my Nokia 808 PureView (the best cameraphone in the world today - bar none) earlier to check my email and I saw this promo tile on the browser's start page. (Yes, apparently, Smart has an alliance with Opera.) It got me curious so clicked on it.

I'm not sure if Smart Communications has already announced this publicly or if they are heavily advertising it currently but I really think that Smart Mega All-in 250 is the best and most sulit call, text, and surf combo promo for prepaid subscribers that they've created thus far. If you're a heavy texter and you like making quick calls to friends and loved ones on the same network plus you want to be able to regularly check your email or update your Facebook and Twitter status on the go but you're on a tight budget, you might want to check it out.

I mean, for just Php 250 you already get Unlimited SMS or texts to ALL Networks (that's Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe and TM), 180 minutes calls to Smart, Sun, Talk N Text, and - get this - 100 MB Mobile Internet for 30 days! If that's not sulit, I really don't know what else to call it. Consider this: It costs 80 cents to send one text message to a number on another network and 5 pesos to get 10MB of mobile data. So when you really about it, you'll realize you do get a lot of savings if you subscribe to this promo, which you can do simply by making sure you have enough load, and texting MEGA250 to 2477.

Cool and All But I Want A Promo That Fits My Social Media Lifestyle Better! Personally, I don't care too much about the 180 minutes of Tri-Net calls (and to use it, you'd still have to use a prefix -- that is, dial *2477 + 11-digit mobile number.) I know nothing beats voice but I think being able to send unlimited text messages should somehow make up for it, right? Since we're already in this Social Media Era, I would have wanted for Smart to just increase the amount of mobile data users can get from this promo -- like maybe to around 500 MB in lieu of the 180 minutes of calls. That'd be more interesting and enticing for young consumers who like using Instagram and Facebook apps on their entry-level smartphones, I think.

The promo can still be improved and modified but I believe it's already on the right track. It's sulit, it covers what most consumers need from their network these days, and it's easy to subscribe to. I just hope that Smart extends this beyond May 15, 2013 and that other networks can come up with even more cost-efficient promos to compete with it. Competition is good for consumers and since TechPinas is always on the side of young Pinoy consumers, we love that.