Nokia Lumia 620 5 MegaPixel Camera Sample Photos and 720p HD Video Capture, Unboxing, Packaging and Accessories Check, Initial Impressions by Actual Owner!

My Nokia Lumia 620 Story
by Jeffrey Lacatan

(Mark of TP: Jeffrey is one of the biggest Nokia fans I know; his loyalty to our beloved Finnish brand is unquestionable. So when I learned that he got himself a Nokia Lumia 620, I immediately messaged him on Facebook and asked him if could share a quick review for everyone who's also planning to get this phone. And unselfishly, he obliged. 'Thanks for doing this, Jeff! I appreciate it!')

When Nokia Lumia 920 was announced last October 2012, it instantly became my dream phone mainly because of the low-light capabilities of its camera.

nokia lumia 620 philippines
Nokia Lumia 620 comes in green - my favorite color, the price is affordable and the technical specifications - which Mark had listed down in a previous entry - are very decent.

I continued to set my eyes on Lumia 920 until that fateful day when Nokia Philippines announced that the flagship phone would not come in January 2013 as originally planned. It kinda broke my heart and let's just say I became impatient with all the waiting.

Last January, while strolling in the mall, I saw a green iPod Touch 5th Generation and fell in love with it. That's when I started to device my plan B: I'll just get that green iPod Touch and pair it with a Nokia Lumia 620, which I've heard so many good things about, while I wait for Nokia Lumia 920's successor.

And that's exactly what I did. I bought the green iPod Touch during the last week of January. And after all the drama surrounding the phone's availability (Nokia Philippines made a blunder by announcing on Facebook that it's already out in stores when it was really not), I finally got my green Nokia Lumia 620 last Friday.

nokia lumia 620 philippines
Other stuff that you'll find inside the box include the manuals, microUSB to USB cable connector, standard earphones, and of course, the charger.

nokia lumia 620 philippines
At the back of Nokia Lumia 620, you'll find its 5 MegaPixel camera and 720p HD video recorder. Note that you can buy back cases in various colors to change the look of your phone matching your mood.

I've read several reviews hailing Nokia Lumia 620 as the best entry-level smartphone as of the moment. And I now that I finally own one, I have to say that I totally agree with them. There's just so many things to love about this release: The handset's technical specifications can match those found in far more expensive releases. I love the funky colors; Nokia Lumia 620 features the Finnish company's new design innovation called "Dual Shot" technology allowing users to put together two layers of plastic to come up with a unique color (for example, you can pair opaque yellow with a cyan transparent layer to make a green back case). Also, the phone has a great display. I can use the handset under direct sunlight and still see details on the screen! The relatively small screen size is not an issue for me; As long as I can still use my thumb to type messages, which I can do on this phone, it's all good. Finally, I like that Nokia Lumia 620 comes replete with a Micro SD card slot allowing me to expand storage.

nokia lumia 620 philippines

I also had a chance to take my Nokia Lumia 620 to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Field, Pampanga a few days ago. I really had a fun using the handset to take photos and record videos of that very colorful and fun event. You just need to press the camera button and you're good to go. It's really easy! Here are a few shots that I took using Nokia Lumia 620 in various lighting conditions. I've also included one cinemagraph image and a short HD video clip. Let me know what you think about these captures.

I'm not really a blogger and I'm not sure how to wrap this up. Anyway, let me just say that when you first open the Nokia Lumia 620 box, you'll immediately notice that the phone is really slim and that the back case is the only thing making it look bulkier and heavier than it really is. It's quite light too at only around 120 grams. I've also read some reviews saying that it's quite a task to open the back case, it's true. I would suggest that you use your fingernails to slowly pry the case open. When you see a small opening, put your fingernail there and run it down the sides to create more space.

Nokia Lumia 620 running Windows Phone 8 operating system and featuring Nokia's industry leading location services is now available in the Philippines for just Php 11,600! The handset comes in various colors including Cyan, Black, White, Green, Magenta, and Yellow. TP Friends, are you ready to switch to Lumia?