Sony Xperia Z Price in the Philippines is Php 32,490 and Release Date Will Be on The First Week of April, Confirmed!

Last Friday, one of my readers sent me an email asking me what I think about the freshly unveiled Samsung Galaxy S4. I told him that while SGS4 is the most powerful flagship handset the Korean company has released so far, I'm not sure if it will do as well as the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S3, which preceded it.

I said that only because I believe that, unlike SGS3 that simply stood head and shoulders above other Android smartphones in its category last year, SGS4 finally has legit powerhouse competitors that can totally give it a run for the money. Take for instance, the svelte Sony Xperia Z.

sony xperia z philippines
Sure, it doesn't have an octa core processor. No eye-tracking features either. But it also has stellar specifications, great imaging capabilities, and it is IP57 certified, which means that Sony Xperia Z is dust-proof and water-proof even when submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes! Obviously, if you're a power user who also lives a very sporty and active lifestyle, Sony Xperia Z is made for you.

Oh, and it also doesn't hurt that Sony Xperia Z comes with a slick and eye-catching glass-sandwich design similar to iPhone 4S (only the glass Sony used for both the front and back panels is scratch-resistant) making it one of the most gorgeous, if not the most gorgeous device Sony has churned out thus far.

When can you get your hands on it, you ask? According to Sony Mobile Philippines, Sony Xperia Z will become available nationwide within the first week of April (or around the same time as the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the country). The official suggested retail price is Php 32,490, which is surprisingly low for a flagship device by this legendary Japanese multimedia company.