Watch Samsung Galaxy S4 Official Announcement Online Livestream

Samsung Mobile will formally unveil and announce Samsung Galaxy S4 via an exclusive Unpacked Event in New York happening at exactly 6 o'clock this morning, Manila Time.

We couldn't be in New York to witness the event ourselves (aww!) but thankfully, our friends at CNET will be broadcasting the event online - as it happens - through Livestream. So let's just watch the video together, shall we?

Over the past few days, we saw several supposed leaked images and videos of Samsung Galaxy S4, which were uploaded all the way from China. One of the more recent SGS4 uploads on Youtube is this one, which appears to highlight one of the key new features of the flagship handset: SmartPause, a multi-media innovation utilizing a breakthrough eye-tracking sensor to pause a movie clip or video as soon as the user takes his eyes off the display.

So is this video for real? We'll definitely know for sure in a bit.