Nokia Asha 310 Philippines Price Php 4,650 Only! Release Date Will Be This Weekend! WiFi Enabled, Dual SIM Dual Standby, Very Affordable!

If you're looking for an affordable smartphone that's WiFi-enabled, has Dual SIM Dual Standby capability, and features a user interface that's familiar and doesn't require a manual to learn and navigate, the new Nokia Asha 310 could very well be the one for you.

nokia asha 310, nokia asha 310 philippines

Priced at only Php 4,650, Nokia Asha 310 is perfect for budget-conscious feature-phone users who are thinking about finally getting their hands on a smartphone. Like a true 'smart' device, the handset allows you to check and update Facebook and Twitter, take photos with its 2 MegaPixel camera, record videos, send and receive emails, listen to music, chat, download and play games, run applications, and browse the web with its patented Xpress Browser, which doesn't only load websites fast but also saves you money by using up less mobile data.

nokia asha 310, nokia asha 310 philippines

Just like other Dual SIM Asha phones from the Finnish giant, Nokia Asha 310 flaunts the company's unique Easy Swap SIM port on the side, which lets users change the secondary SIM without having to rip off the handset's back case. As you would imagine, this is particularly useful if you're using more than two SIM cards.

nokia asha 310, nokia asha 310 philippines

One thing I really like about Nokia Asha 310 is how cute and elegant it looks. The smartphone, which easily and conveniently fits into any pocket - comes replete with metallic accents lining its sides and framing its 3-inch capacitive touchscreen, and a back cover with patterned imprints covered with high-gloss finish. This subdued yet sophisticated design perfectly complements the handset's easy-to-use and simple Asha Touch operating system and user interface.

Last Tuesday, during the phone's formal launch at Bizu Greenbelt 2 in Makati City, Ms. Nikka Abes - Nokia's Head of Communications for The Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore - gave us an exclusive hands-on demo and features run-down of Nokia Asha 310. I got everything on video so - if you will - check it out, TP Friends:

Again, Nokia Asha 310 will be available in the Philippines starting this coming weekend with official suggested retail price of only Php 4,650! The handset will be available in three colors, namely, White, Black, and Golden Light.