Cherry Mobile Omega HD Quick Review : 8 Things I Like About It!

Like what I always do, I'll cut the drama and keep this short. Just the 8 things I like about the flagship Cherry Mobile Omega HD (which should be available at all Cherry Mobile Kiosks and authorized retail outlets nationwide within this week) and one thing that I sorta don't.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD beside my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 -- just for size comparison.

1. Cool, Elegant Design - The phone doesn't flaunt a metal shell nor a glass-sandwich construction but I think it still looks arresting. The subtle metallic accents running down the slick sides of the slim handset give it an air of corporate elegance and sophistication, which I always look for in a device.

2. 5-inch HD Display - The massive, high resolution display delivers crisp and clear details as well bright and brilliant colors giving users a highly enjoyable viewing experience on the handset.

3. Dragontrail Touchscreen - Cherry Mobile Omega HD's gorgeous display is protected by ultra-tough and almost shatter-proof Dragontrail glass giving reassurance that the touchscreen won't easily get scratched even when the handset is placed in a pocket or a bag along with keys and coins.

4. Back-Illuminated Sensor - I think it's already cool that CM Omega HD has two powerful cameras: A 12 MegaPixel autofocus shooter at the back with LED flash and another 2 MegaPixel snapper in front. But what makes everything even cooler is that these dual-cameras have a back-illuminated sensor helping them take bright and vibrant photos even in settings with poor lighting.

5. Decent Benchmark Score - When I played with Cherry Mobile Omega HD during its launch in Diamond Hotel last March 18, I took the chance to run Antutu Benchmark Test on the device and I got a score of 5965. This result approximates that of HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which are both previous Dual Core flagship handsets that are still pretty capable even to this day. Considering the low price tag of Cherry Mobile Omega HD (at least compared to the SRP of those two upon launch), I think this is really amazing.

6. 1 GB of RAM - Unlike other smartphones in its price echelon that only have 512 MB of RAM, Cherry Mobile Omega HD has 1 GB of RAM (or double those of others) making a more seamless and efficient multi-tasking experience possible.

7. Jelly Bean - Again, Android 4.1 represents such a major improvement from all of its predecessors that it's hard not to mention it as one of the key selling points of this smartphone. You get Project Butter, Google Now, and all other improvements that make Jelly Bean the coolest iteration of Android so far.

8. Suprisingly Low Price - It's hard to believe that CM fans can get all of these great features on a smartphone that costs only Php 7,999! But believe it -- because it's for real.

Considering the more than pocket-friendly price tag of this handset, it's truly hard to ask for more from Cherry Mobile Omega HD. But if there's any point for improvement that I'd like to note, it would have to be the size of its battery pack. Oddly enough, Omega HD has a smaller 2,100 mAh battery compared to the 2,300 mAh pack that came with the first Omega. Given the massive size of the newer handset's display, it would have been nice if Cherry Mobile had given it at least a 2,500 mAh pack.

All things considered, however, I still think that Cherry Mobile Omega HD is quite simply the best Android smartphone that the local handset giant has released so far -- bar none. That said, I give it 9.8 out of 10 TP Stars.