Sony Bravia Triluminos Boracay Event Round-up! Magnetic Fluid Speaker, 4K X-Reality Pro, Triluminos Display, Explained!

Like what I shared on TechPinas' Facebook community page and Twitter account, the other day, Sony Philippines flew members of the media and several bloggers to Boracay for the company's Palette of Colors event, which showcased the colors of the island in a whole new light and likewise became Sony's venue for introducing its latest innovations in the Bravia range.

The overnight event was held at Shangri-la's Boracay Resort and Spa. (Kindly click photos for full resolution view.)

Selfie taken using Sony Xperia Z's front camera. Thoroughly impressed with the image quality; Not bad for a 2.2 MegaPixel shooter, right?

The view from my room's balcony. Thanks, Sony!

We arrived at the venue Tuesday morning and after having lunch, we were divided into three groups for a contest where we were tasked to capture the best photo that represents the Green, Blue, and Red of Boracay using a Sony Cybershot digicam. I was in Team Green and although we lost the challenge, I really had fun meeting new friends and going around the resort with them to take the shots.

After the group activity, we were given a few hours to settle down and relax and at around 6 in the evening, we went to the ballroom for the main keynote presentation as well as dinner with the company's dealers.

Channel and Accounts Management Division Director of Sony Philippines, Mr. Larry Secreto, gave the bulk of the presentations starting with the Japanese company's vision - from Day 1 - of providing consumers with the best in quality sound and picture for entertainment.

The latest offering of Sony in terms of sound quality for Bravia is the integrated Magnetic Fluid Speaker, which was originally developed through the NASA space program in the '60s. The fluid suspension enables damperless speakers that deliver sound so high it's almost real, as if transporting viewers from beyond watching to being there, in the moment.

X-Reality Pro, on the other hand, allows Bravia TV's to instantly improve the image quality of videos from any source, be it from free TV, cable, BlueRay, Youtube, and even your smartphone!

4K is the highest resolution - superseding 1080p Full HD - that any consumer device including the Bravia range can possibly deliver currently. Sony understands that, as of the moment, there are very few content out there with such high resolution so the company came up with 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine, which analyzes, cleans, and refines any picture or clip to 4K resolution, showing more natural detail and sharpness four times that of a Full HD TV.

4K is already cool and all but Sony is fully aware that giving consumers the highest resolution that they can possibly offer simply isn't enough to deliver the best entertainment. To address this, the company recently came up with the complementary Triluminos display technology.

Triluminos Display, according to Sony, "provides a heightened sense of depth to images, showcasing colors as they should be. This next-generation back-lit technology expands the gamut of viewable colors, reproducing natural shades for a more vivid, richer, and more intense range that’s as close to reality as television gets!"

"We are setting the bar ever higher on television technology by focusing on the viewing experience – from picture, to sound, to design," shared Sony Philippines President Mr. Yasushi Asaoka (Right, photo below). He added, "By immersing consumers in picture and sound quality so high it's real, we are transporting them from beyond watching to being there, in the moment. And by integrating their handheld devices, the new Bravia series goes beyond a screen – it is an extension of their daily lives. This is the spirit of Sony on TV – that what we imagine, on TV, we can make real."

The top-line model is the X9004A, which uses the latest Triluminos Display, runs on the 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine, and features sound powered by a Magnetic Fluid Speaker. Other models that come replete with this landmark display technology are the W954A and the W904A, this time running on X-Reality Pro. Just like the X9004A, these models support one-touch screen mirroring. No word yet on pricing details.

After the keynote presentations, we went outside the ballroom to check out four demo areas for the above-mentioned innovations and features.

We had a demo for One Touch Entertainment, which basically lets you pair and mirror the display of mobile devices including supported smartphone and tablets on a Bravia TV with one touch via NFC technology.

The second demo was for Triluminos display where Sony reps showed us that the X9004A is indeed capable of delivering a wider gamut of colors versus a TV from another brand in the same price category.

Third was for 4K resolution and Magnetic Fluid Speaker. The sharpness of 4K display was already expected but I believe what really impressed the media was the clarity and beauty of the sound from the Magnetic Fluid Speaker. The Sony rep played a video of Adele singing a ballad in a concert and the sound quality was simply breath-taking; It was like we were actually there in the concert venue.

This live broadcast demo for X-Reality Pro on Bravia showed that the technology doesn't only remove grains and sharpens the picture but also renders skin tone better than the competition. And what's great is that this technology will now be available in Sony's smaller and more affordable Bravia models.

To wrap-up the night, a few members of the press had an interview session with Mr. Yasushi Asaoka and Mr. Larry Secreto. I told them, "I asked my readers and followers on Facebook if they have any questions for the heads of Sony Philippines about Bravia. Most of them said that they believe in the quality of Bravia and in the innovations that Sony offers but what's keeping them from acquiring the product is the steep price versus that of the competition. Is there anything that Sony intends to do to address this concern of consumers?" Mr. Asaoka and Mr. Secreto said that it costs a lot to come up with the industry leading innovations that Sony offers in its latest products and as such, despite the high prices of their TVs, the company actually has a low profit margin in this line. Mr. Asaoka followed up that prices of current Bravias will naturally go down as the company releases newer models allowing more consumers to enjoy the innovations that Sony offers.

During the interview, the heads of Sony Philippines likewise confirmed that Triluminos display will definitely come to the Sony Xperia smartphone line. This is cool because, as of writing, Sony is still using TFT panel even in its top of the line handset releases, including Sony Xperia Z. Triluminos will be the Japanese company's answer to display technologies being offered by other companies like Retina Display and SuperAMOLED.

TP Friends, here's a video that I recorded during the event giving a quick summary of everything that Sony Philippines showed its dealers and the media that night. If you will, check it out.

I had fun! Thanks again for the adventure, Sony Philippines! Thumbs up!