Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Postpaid Plans Price Schedule, Announced : Globe LTE Typical Speeds Details, Disclosed!

Globe Telecom has just announced its official Samsung Galaxy S4 Postpaid Plan bundles. And as earlier disclosed on TP, they are indeed offering the Korean company's 2013 flagship release with Unlimited LTE connection.

The exclusive media event was held at the Holiday Inn in Makati City and Mr. Peter Bithos, Globe's Advisor for the Consumer Customer Facing Unit, alongside Ms. Debbie Obias, Head of Postpaid Acquisitions, gave a quick presentation about #GlobeGalaxyS4LTE bundled services and customizable plans.

My primary goal in attending tech events has always been to bring the event to my readers as if they themselves are in the venue -- so they can better understand the company's objectives in mounting such gatherings. TP Friends, here's the video that I recorded from the recent Globe SGS4 event, if you will, check it out.

For as low as Php 1,599 monthly, subscribers can avail of the Samsung Galaxy S4 under Globe My Super Plan 999 with Php 600 monthly cashout over a 24-month contract period. Under this permanent offer, Globe subscribers get unlimited LTE surfing of up to 42 Mbps on the Globe LTE network plus free calls and texts. Quoting Globe Telecom, "The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also available at lower plans with affordable monthly cashouts payable via credit card over 24 months at 0% interest. On the other hand, subscribers availing of Platinum plans and signing up for a 24-month contract period get the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a free Samsung device. At Plan 3799, subscribers get a free Samsung Galaxy S3 mini; at Plan 5000 a free Samsung Galaxy Camera; and at Plan 10000 a free Samsung Galaxy Note 2."

The company added, "With the best-ever Globe My Super Plan, subscribers get more than what they pay for with plans bundled with peso value amounts that are almost double the plan value. The peso value amount can be allocated among combos in the form of call, text, and surfing services, consumable amount, and gadgets."

Globe also gives Subscribers the flexibility to choose their contract periods ranging from 6 months to 30 months. And what's cool is that subscribers can further beef up their plans by boosting them with unlimited services starting at Php 349 monthly for unlimited texts to Globe and TM. For as low as Php 599 monthly, on the other hand, subscribers can enjoy unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM, or unlimited calls to Globe, TM and landline. These boosters can also be changed as often as monthly, depending on the subscriber’s need.

Looking at the price schedule, these plans - I think - are the ones that will be most attractive to you guys; the students and the yuppies. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Personally though, if I were to choose, I'd get Plan 999 with 30 months lock-out. Without any contract or bundled services, SGS4 currently sells for Php 30,990. With this plan, you just need to add less than Php 10,000 to that SRP and you already get Unlimited LTE for two and a half years plus call and text freebies. Not bad right?!

How good is Globe LTE?! During the event, Mr. Bithos told the media that the typical LTE speeds that he gets when he's in a Globe LTE zone is around 8 to 12 Mbps. Frankly, that's far from the supposed 42 Mbps speeds but considering that Globe is just in the process of rolling out LTE and setting up more LTE sites nationwide, off hand - or at least at the moment, that's something that I can overlook. Plus, 8 Mbps is still - even if not meeting LTE standards - is by no means slow. TP Friends, let me know your thoughts on this via our comments section. Also, if there's anything you want to tell Globe on how they can improve their services or what they can add to their postpaid plan bundles, kindly post them below.