DryCase Philippines Price Php 2,290, Now Available At Kimstore! Quick Demo Video!

Can a BlackBerry Z10 survive being submerged in water overnight?

Well, on its own, the handset probably won't even last a few seconds. But inside Dry Case, an innovative gadget accessory that vacuum seals and makes devices waterproof, your BlackBerry Z10 will most likely survive the ordeal with nary a wet part.

As featured in ESPN and Good Morning America, DryCase is basically a flexible and transparent waterproof bag that allows complete use of mobile devices - including smartphones, portable media players, and tablets, among others - while keeping them dry and clean. Its patented EZ top vacuum seal keeps water, grime, and sand out and even makes it completely submersible for more than 12 hours!

These qualities make DryCase an ideal companion for gadget lovers who live active lifestyles and are into outdoor activities. If can't stay away from your smartphone, iPod Touch or iPad Mini while you're out playing your sports but you also want to protect your devices from sweat, sand, seawater, dirt, and mud, then you might as well get yourself a DryCase. Also, if you're going to the beach this summer and you want to be able to instantly upload photos of you and your friends splashing in the waters on Instagram, then don't forget to put your iPhone or Android handset inside a DryCase before getting yourself wet.

You can now purchase DryCase in the Philippines exclusively through KimStore for just Php 2,290. There's also a bigger variant for tablets, which sells for only Php 2,990. The package contains DryCase itself, the buoyant neoprene armband, lanyard, the vacuum hand pump, and documentation. For more information, you can get in touch with KimStore via their hotline numbers 09053201818 (Globe), 09228859799 (Sun), and 09088869799 (Smart) and official email address ilovekimstore@gmail.com.

Using DryCase is as easy as 1,2,3. First, just put the mobile device that you want to protect inside the case; If you wish so, you can connect the pin to the device's audio jack. Second, lock the closure shut by twisting the clasps inwards. And finally, use the vacuum hand pump or your mouth to squeeze all the air out of the case.

Last week, my friend Kim Lato of KimStore sent me a DryCase to test and play with. I happen to have a BlackBerry Z10 unit in the TP Gadget Vault when I received the package and I thought it would be cool to use the handset in my quick demo. So, will BlackBerry Z10 survive being placed in a basin full of water? Watch the video to find out!