Smart LTE Prepaid Rates and Keywords, SIM and Device Prices and Freebies, Everything You Need To Know!

Whoever said you need to subscribe to a postpaid plan to enjoy LTE speeds in the Philippines?

Smart Communications has just made it possible for prepaid subscribers to likewise experience LTE, the latest in mobile broadband standards, and get trail-blazing speeds of up to 42 Mbps! All you need is a Smart LTE Prepaid SIM, a Smart LTE zone, and a supported LTE capable device and you're good to go!

This is the Smart LTE Prepaid Nano SIM for iDevices, which you can get for only Php 350 at select Smart business centers and authorized retailers. The SIM is also available in Dual Cut or in Regular (Mini) and Micro size.

If you don't have an LTE capable device, you can still enjoy the ultra-fast connection via Smart LTE Pocket WiFi, which sells for Php 6,995 allowing you to enjoy the speeds on multiple devices over WiFi, or you may also get the Php 5,995 Smart LTE Plug It dongle for your laptop. All devices, including the 128K SIM, come with free 7 days of unlimited LTE surfing; Just text LTE 299 to 2200 to get your freebie!

To entice more users to experience the wonders of Smart LTE, Smart Communications has decided drop its unlimited LTE prepaid rates to the same level as that of its 3G mobile speeds until June 30, 2013! Hence, you only need to spend Php 50 to get unlimited LTE for one whole day; All you have to do is to text LTE 50 to 2200. And you can save even more money by subscribing to LTE 299 and LTE 995, which come with 7 days and 30 days validity period respectively.

Again, accessing the Smart LTE network requires an LTE device optimized to Smart LTE frequency - 2100 MHz Band 1 LTE, a Smart LTE Prepaid SIM and a package provisioned to access this network (i.e. Subscribe to any of the data packages shown above). Smart LTE service is available in key cities nationwide and will continue to expand as the demand increases.

According to Smart, speeds of 42 Mbps is dependent on whether wireless broadband service is available. Minimum GPRS speeds of up to 12 to 48 Kbps where the service is not available can be experienced at 80% service reliability rate. Speed is also dependent on the type of handset, device, or SIM being used and the prevailing internet and website data traffic. Likewise, since Smart LTE service is also dependent on the geographic area where the device is being used, it is highly suggested to use the LTE device or handset in clear and open areas and areas with minimal obstruction. Areas with thick concrete walls, heavy foilage, and tall buildings may adversely affect your Smart LTE experience. For areas outside the Smart LTE network, your LTE device will connect to Smart's nationwide 3G network.

TP Thoughts:

I really have to hand it to Smart for having this sense of urgency in offering LTE to its prepaid subscribers. Thanks to the company's efforts, I believe the Philippines has become one of the first countries to offer LTE outside of postpaid plans. Also, the rates at which they are offering the service are really low! I mean, Php 50 for a whole day of 42mbps speeds?! That's hot! Here's to hoping they can keep these prices for good and just roll out LTE nationwide (that is, in all corners of the archipelago) and make it the standard connection so all Filipinos can finally get the mobile speeds that we deserve.