The Amazing Thing BlackBerry Does For Consumers That Other Electronics Companies Don't

Having activated a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone recently, I received an email from the Canadian company yesterday inviting me to participate in an online survey about the new handset.

According to BlackBerry, the results of the survey will help them better understand the experiences of all of its customers and it will likewise serve as their guide in continually improving their products and services. The survey starts with a series of questions to help them figure out which demographic you belong to. Then, you will be asked to rate your experience in purchasing your handset as well as how satisfied you are with your device, among others. But for me, the best part is when they finally ask you to write down all of your thoughts about how they could improve the BlackBerry experience.

Here, I wrote that BlackBerry 10 needs more native apps -- not just those that are ported from Android. I also wrote that the follow-up to BlackBerry Z10 must at least have a far bigger battery and a faster boot-up time.

Sending a questionnaire or a survey form to everyone who's purchased your products or availed of your services to ask for their feedback seems like a no-brainer if you're truly serious about continually learning how you can improve what you're offering to consumers. But you'd be surprised to know that there are very, very few companies that are doing this -- especially in the field of electronics. That said, kudos to BlackBerry and its market research agency, Gfk, for still employing this classic and time-tested tool to know what consumers want.

There are very few big companies now that actually take time to listen to the needs of its own fanbase. And I think that loyal BB fans should be relieved to know that BlackBerry - despite all the major changes that it went through recently - is definitely still one of those.