Tatt Awards 2013 : Whom Am I Rooting For in The Tech Category This Year?

Last night, I graced Globe Telecom's invite for the official launch of Tatt Awards 2013 held at Urban Bar at the Fort in Taguig City.

The event was hosted by Miss Bianca Gonzales, last year's recipient of The One award and my co-winner in the first ever Tatt Awards mounted in 2011.

If it's your first time to hear about it, Tatt Awards is basically Globe Telecom's award giving body, which recognizes greatness in social media. As Head of Nomadic Broadband Business - Dong Ronquillo - shares, "Tatt Awards 2013 sparks a new movement where the youth are the front liners as they reconize and [become] recognized for making an impact online and even offline." A testament to Tattoo's brand identity of moving the world, their portfolio of products and services pave the way to fuel everyone's different passions through reliable connectivity arming each subscriber with power to express and make a difference.

It really does feel like yesterday when I was chosen as one of the finalists for Tatt Awards' tech category. It was a fun, exciting, and humbling experience that I'll always remember and treasure.

I still remember being in the company of my amazing co-finalists - Abe Olandres, Carlo Ople, Jayvee Fernandez, and Sonnie Santos - all of whom I truly admire and respect. They are all incredible individuals who used their talent, passion, and influence online to inspire other Filipinos to embrace the wonders of technology and to employ it for the betterment not just of themselves but also of society as a whole.

To this day, I still pinch myself when I think about my name being mentioned in the same breath as theirs and I'm still very, very grateful for the support that the entire TechPinas community showered me during that moment. I can only hope that I was able to use the title that Tatt Awards gave to me to somehow inspire the younger generation of techies to become more active online and to use their voice and influence to make a positive difference and to help others especially when it comes to the use of technology.

We've seen a boom in the field of technology and social media in the past three years and I'm sure that this trend will continue. Right now, I really believe that the Philippines needs more young people who will use the internet to talk about technology, gadgets, and social networking not just to empower other Pinoys in making purchase decisions or in troubleshooting bugs and issues but more importantly, to open their eyes to the potential of these devices and of the internet as a whole in sparking a movement that will change our society for the better.

In November 2011, young Filipinos in Facebook and Twitter helped Lola Aurelia find her estranged husband Lolo Luis. In August 2012, a group of Pinoys on Twitter used social media and Google docs to create an online hub where families and individuals most affected by the heavy monsoon rains that ravaged NCR and most parts of Luzon can submit calls for rescue. These acts of heroism - among many others - were done with the help of technology and it is my hope that by sharing my experiences about the subject, I can inspire even just one individual to use tech to be a hero himself.

TP Friends, while it would be nice to be nominated and to see TechPinas become a finalist again in Tatt Awards 2013, I would really prefer to see more young Pinoy techies be included in the list this year. I'm really, really rooting for the young tech bloggers and vloggers who followed TechPinas to become leaders themselves. Tatt Awards has opened a lot of doors for me and I know that I have to be gracious enough to share it with others. Part of the reason why I launched our #TPWriterFellows program earlier this year is because I want to help other young Filipinos who love technology become better at expressing their thoughts about the subject and it follows that my full support is with them.

I want to see Taragis, NoypiGeeks, GadgetPilipinas, Gadjade, MisterJonJon, JamOnline, Cebu Tech Blog, The Big Time Show, Technobaboy, Ilonggo Tech Blog, and Pinoyscreencast in Tatt Awards 2013 Best Tech Blog or Podcast category this year. They are all very hard-working individuals and groups and I know that they are doing what they do because they want to help others. Hence, I'm totally rooting for them this year. TP Friends, I hope that you can also give them your support.

To know more about the Tatt Awards, its details mechanics, nomination process and complete list of major categories, you can visit TattAwards.com.