Cogito Pop Smartwatch Price, Features, Official Demo, Quick Review, Availability

For those who are asking, this is the smartwatch I'm wearing in some of my photos on Instagram: The Cogito Pop.

Cogito Pop Smartwatch, Cogito, Cogito Philippines, Smartwatch Philippines

It's made by a company called ConnecteDevice. With engineers based in the USA and Hong Kong, industrial designers in Europe, and a strong manufacturing team in China, ConnecteDevice Ltd. develops cutting-edge technologies to create intelligent, intuitive, and fashion-forward wearable gadgets and accessories.

Cogito Pop Smartwatch, Cogito, Cogito Philippines, Smartwatch Philippines

Specifically designed for young and active consumers, Cogito Pop is the more affordable of the two models that the company released this year; Cogito Classic being the more expensive, high-end model.

Cogito Pop combines fun and functionality, a connected watch designed expressly for the digital generation. Notifications appear at a glance directly on your wrist to provide a seamless link with those calls and messages most important to you.

Cogito Pop Smartwatch, Cogito, Cogito Philippines, Smartwatch Philippines
Just like most analog watches, Cogito Pop is water-proof up to 100 meters or 330 feet deep. According to ConnecteDevices, "With enhanced water resistance up to 10 ATM, the watch safely alerts you to calls and messages even in wet situations: under the shower, in the rain, on the beach and at the pool." They don't suggest that you dive wearing it, though.

Cogito Pop Smartwatch, Cogito, Cogito Philippines, Smartwatch Philippines

What exactly makes it "Smart"?

It may look like your typical analog watch but it's very special. Cogito Pop merges classic analog movement with intuitive digital notifications, bringing together the power of a connected watch with the timeless appeal of a fashionable timepiece. LED icons on the watch face can alert you to an incoming call, an email or a message on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. The easy-to-use interface lets you manage not just calls, but also trigger your camera, control your music and locate your phone.

Cogito Pop Smartwatch, Cogito, Cogito Philippines, Smartwatch Philippines
My White Cogito Pop looks great when paired with my White Samsung Galaxy Note 3, White LG G2, White iPhone 5, Gold iPhone 5S, White Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and Gold Gionee Elife S5.5

It's so easy to pair Pop with your smartphone.

First, download and install the free "Connected Watch" app on your iPhone or Android handset via App Store or Google Play Store. Then, put your watch on pairing mode by long pressing the Power button below the time adjustment crown until all icons on the watch light up and you hear a couple of beeps. (No need to press and hold Power and Command button above the crown at the same time. Just give it enough push.) Now, go back to the app on your phone and click on "Pair" button - the one with the watch icon; This will automatically turn on Bluetooth to detect and pair with your Cogito Pop.

Cogito Pop Smartwatch, Cogito, Cogito Philippines, Smartwatch Philippines
You can check if your watch is connected to your phone by long pressing the Command button; If it is, you'll hear a "Cookoo" sound from your handset. If you want to unpair, simply long press the power button until you hear two beeps. Easy!

So how do you use the watch as a trigger for the camera to take group photos? Make sure your watch and phone are paired. Mount the phone on a tripod or position it where it can capture your whole group. Click on Camera icon on the Connected Watch app. Pose for the shot and quick press on the Command button.

Cogito Pop Smartwatch, Cogito, Cogito Philippines, Smartwatch Philippines
You can use the Connected Watch app for upgrading your Cogito smartwatch's software.

Use the application to choose the alerts you want to get on your Cogito Pop; You can get notifications from your Social Networking and Messaging apps, Text Messages, Mails, Events, Battery Status, and Calls. If you're not getting the LED flash alerts on your watch even after turning on these options, check if your phone's Blocking Mode is on or if notification is turned on for the individual apps.

What do I love about My Cogito Pop?

Well, for one, I find its design very attractive. It's subdued yet interesting; Fun but not too loud. I can wear this watch with a plain white shirt while playing badminton or with a suit for a business meeting to boost my youthful vibe. Actually, earlier this year, Cogito Pop won the International CES Innovations 2014 Design Award and was the Engineering for Wireless Handset Accessories and Bronze A' Design Award Winner for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Category. So really, it has got the looks department down pat. (I kinda wish though that the straps didn't have the dot matrix imprint pattern similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S5, which I'm not particularly a fan of -- but then, I was told I can easily have it replaced at any watch parts shop as Pop's bracelet width is standard.)

Also, unlike most smartwatches out in the market these days that you'd have to charge every two nights, Cogito Pop's battery can last up a whole year! Quoting ConnecteDevice, "Forget the bulky chargers and tangled power cords. The low-energy consumption of Bluetooth Smart technology allows [the smartwatch] to run on a conventional button-cell battery without requiring a recharge. The battery guarantees uninterrupted power for many months without a charge and, when necessary, you can easily replace it."

Official Demo Video

During Cogito Classic and Cogito Pop's launch in the Philippines last month at 71 Gramercy in Makati City, I got to interview Mr. Henri-Nicolas Olivier - President and CEO of ConnecteDevice Ltd. - and apart from answering my questions about the brand, he graciously gave me a demo of their smartwatches' key features. Watch the clip to learn more about the products:

TP Friends, the Philippines is the very first country in the world to get the Cogito Pop smartwatch! You can get this cool gadget for only Php 5,500 at Power Mac Center or you can order online via Kimstore, my trusted online store and ConnecteDevice's official and exclusive online distributor.