DOTA Trash Talking Leads To Same Sex Romance Between Two Pinoy Guys

I have a handful of friends who met the love of their lives online - that is, via mIRC, Friendster, Facebook, and some defunct dating website but never quite because of an online video game, more so because of trash talking while playing it.

But that's exactly the story of these two Pinoy men who ended up becoming loving boyfriends to one another after being each others' nemesis in the game of DOTA.

Same Sex Romance, DOTA Trashtalking

"I first met him when he trash talked me in our [DOTA] game and because of that bad boy attitude, I tried to add him to my friends [on] Facebook then poof! Then, na-develop na," shared one of the guys who proudly posted their first photo as a couple on his Facebook Timeline.

Pinoy Trending (formerly via tried to dig deeper into this story and found out that this public disclose shocked many people as the guy who posted the photo on Facebook was known as one of the top DOTA players in Batangas City and many girls admired him. "He met that boy in Garena and they were always throwing bad words at each other," their sources shared.

According to the pinoy pop culture website, "[The guy] didn’t expect that he will fall for his boyfriend now because of the age gap between them. He added that the Badboy attitude of his boyfriend when trash talking in online games makes him crazy. He met his boyfriend one year ago in a pub game and they started as friends and that they were always teasing and throwing bad words at each other. Four months after, he felt some weird feelings for his friend because of the sweetness that his friend showed to him and that shocked him. And after several months of bromance, they decided to admit their feelings to each other and to try if a same gender relationship will work."

Gee, I don't know what say.