The Mysterious Growing Black Dot on My Samsung Galaxy Note 3's Faux Metal Rim

I know I once said that scratches, dents, and other small imperfections give your gadgets some "character *slash* personality"; something "unique" about them. But it's still heartbreaking when you see subtle damages on your beloved phone or tablet for the first time and you're not even sure if you're the one who caused them.

Last week, while cleaning my White Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I saw a small black dot on its faux metal rim. I ignored it because I thought it wasn't all that noticeable anyway. I also didn't want to stress over a mere dot as I have far more important things to worry about.

Black Dot Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Earlier today, though, I noticed that the small black dot has grown into a very visible mark that's almost thrice its size! And from the looks of it, there's no stopping its slow and steady growth; I mean, I'm staring at it now and it appears to be corroding from within, voraciously eating away at the lush chrome finish. Que horror!

I don't know how exactly my phone got that dot as I'm quite OC and I handle all of my gadgets with utmost care -- but one of my friends - he's a big Samsung fan - told me that it's quite common in phones from the Korean company having that faux metal accent running down the sides. "It just appears randomly like a mushroom," he said. What?!

Anyway, does your Samsung phone also suffer from this hideous anomaly? Were you able to make it stop growing or spreading? Have you tried bringing your handset to a Samsung Service Center? What did the staff say? Kindly share your stories below. Thanks!