Samsung Blames Girl For Samsung Galaxy S4 That Caught Fire Under Her Pillow

Imagine being awakened in the middle of the night by a nasty burning smell from under your pillow and - after quickly flipping it over - seeing that your beloved smartphone has totally caught fire while you're sleeping and had you not woken up sooner, it would have fried your brain and killed you?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Fire

Well, that was more or less the horrifying and life-threatening experience that this 13-year-old girl from North Texas, USA went through last week when her smoldering Samsung Galaxy S4 Android handset burned her pillow and almost took her scalp off. Thankfully, Ariel Tolfree survived the terrifying ordeal to share her story.

So what exactly went wrong? Why did this happen? According to Samsung, it's all the girl's fault.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Fire
”The whole phone melted; The plastic, the glass. You can't even really tell that it was a phone," the girl's dad told Fox News.

Apparently, any Samsung Galaxy smartphone's user guide specifies not to let the device be smothered with bedding, which "could restrict airflow and cause a fire." The representative from the Korean company also pointed out that the battery of Ariel's Samsung Galaxy S4 was a replacement pack and not an original unit from Samsung.

The moral of the story: Only buy original battery packs from your device manufacturer and put your phone somewhere safe away from your bed before sleeping.