Samsung Mocks and Shames iPhone Owners in New Television Commercial

I've been an iPhone owner since the iPhone 4S and - though I'm a big fan of the brand - I'm not one to deny the fact that one of the biggest points for improvement of Apple's smartphone is its terribly, terribly short uptime. I mean, I only get around 8 hours of battery life from my iPhone 5S with mixed usage, which is just not enough.

Samsung vs iPhone, iPhone Battery Life

I don't know if it's because of pride or design and ergonomics considerations but it seems that Apple is in perpetual denial of this horrible weakness of their phone. On blogs and on Facebook and Twitter, iPhone battery life woes are not hard at all to come by -- and it baffles me how all of that seem to be falling upon the Cupertino company's deaf ears.

Samsung vs iPhone, iPhone Battery Life

Yesterday, I saw Samsung's new TVC making fun of the iPhone 5S' inferior battery life and mocking iPhone owners who sit on the floor beside walls, clustering around power outlets, and enduring ugly conditions just to be able to charge their ailing handsets.

Hopefully, this "Wall Huggers" commercial - that clearly shames and embarrasses iPhone users - could serve as a wake up call for Apple to really improve the battery performance of future generation iPhones. And they better do it now before it's too late. I think part of the reason why flagship-level Samsung Galaxy phones really took off in the past 3 years is because of Apple's obvious lack of urgency in incrementally enhancing the features and capabilities of the iPhone. For instance, if you ask me - had the Cupetino company increased the screen size of their handset sooner, Samsung wouldn't have been able to easily convince a lot of consumers in the US to swap their iPhones for a Samsung Galaxy S5 or SGNote3.