Android One Smartphones, Arriving in the Philippines Soon : But First, What is Android One?

I've just gotten word from one of our reliable insiders in the telco industry that Android One smartphones are just about to be announced in the country. To be specific, he told me that a few Android One models are set to be bundled with affordable and competitive 'value for money' postpaid plans of both Smart Communications and Sun Cellular.

Android One Philippines

If it's your first time to hear about these handsets, Android One phones are built by leading hardware manufacturers - including HTC, Alcatel, Asus, Lenovo, among others (including OEMs in China and India that supply phones to Pinoy electronics companies like Cherry Mobile) - working in collaboration with Google. These devices are designed to be both quite capable and very affordable so as to fully democratize the use of smartphones in emerging markets across the world.

"The world is filled with potential. People who are ready to leave their mark, and have fun doing it. People eager to create, listen, learn, explore, collaborate, speak, and dance. Right now, only 1 in 4 people own a smartphone. Imagine what's possible if everyone has a phone as ambitious as they are," Google explained.

Android One Philippines

As earlier explained on TechPinas, there are three qualities that set Android One devices apart from other affordable handsets out in the market. First, they have to be crafted in close partnership with Google. Second, because of that close collaboration, Android One phones are always the first to get official Android firmware upgrades just like Google's Nexus releases. Finally, they have to meet standards set by Google in terms of technical specifications for specific periods. As of writing, Android One releases are expected to run on a Quad Core processor by MediaTek and to have front and back cameras, Dual SIM capability, a microSD card for storage expansion, and a battery that's big enough to provide a whole day of uptime.

Google's partner OEMs will have meet those requirements all while making sure that the retail price of their Android One phones won't exceed $120 or Php 5,300 with current conversion. Donning such an affordable SRP, these devices will definitely be very attractive to budget-conscious consumers especially students and yuppies -- as the product would allow them to experience the benefits of an Android smartphone in its full blossom without having to break the bank.

I personally support all project and ventures that will put today's technology into the hands of more Filipinos -- so I'm totally excited about the arrival of pocket-friendly Android One handsets in the Philippines. I just hope the these devices (or the postpaid plans with which they will be bundled) would indeed be very affordable - after duties and taxes - so a lot of consumers would be able to easily get hold of them.