How To Find The Lowest Prices for Smartphones in the Philippines The Easy Way

Have you ever made a big gadget purchase from a store in the mall only to hop on floor the following week and see another shop selling the exact same device for a whole lot less? I know, it can be frustrating and even heartbreaking -- and you end up asking yourself, "How could have I missed it?"

Well, the people behind are way too familiar with that feeling -- so a few years back, they decided to create a price comparison site to make it easier for consumers to do their research before heading to the mall.

Compare Smartphone Prices in the Philippines

Basically, they list down and compare the prevailing store (online and brick & mortar) prices of laptops, cameras, cars, motorcycles and smartphones as well as other electronics products -- all to empower buyers with enough information before making a purchase.

Compare Smartphone Prices in the Philippines

In the smartphones section, all mobile devices are listed in the order of their popularity. Looking at this line-up, it appears that Cherry Mobile Flare 3 - which costs Php 3,999 in various stores - is the hottest handset in the local market, followed closely Samsung Galaxy Prime, and Asus ZenFone 5.

You can also narrow down your search to just specific brands. For instance, you may choose to just look at all Samsung Galaxy phones.

Compare Smartphone Prices in the Philippines

Let's check out this page featuring the best-selling 2014 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here, you will see that the current price range for the phone is Php 20,933 to Php 37,990, which is not particularly all that narrow. It appears that the phone is most affordable at Expansys, followed by Kimstore -- though you'd have to pay additional taxes and import duties should you get it from the former while the latter's listed SGS5 price is already 'as is'. So yeah, technically (i.e. taxes and all, accounted for), you can get the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S5 units in the Philippines from Kimstore.

Aside from pricing information, full technical specifications and user reviews are also available at the site for consumers' perusal. I guess we can really call Priceprice 'a one-stop hub where you can learn all the basics about the phone that you're fancying.'

So if you're thinking about purchasing a new smartphone soon, aside from reading TechPinas features and reviews, you might also want to go to the above-mentioned site to arm yourself with valuable information about the specific model before taking money out of  your pocket or swiping your card.