Smart Infinity Purple Card Lets You Go on a Shopping Spree at Stores Specialists, Inc. Outlets

Being a Smart Infinity subscriber comes with lots of exclusive and premium perks; Some of which include getting your own priority hotline and Smart Store handling, enjoying worldwide concierge services, as well as having your own Infinity Relationship Officer to attend to your needs and to answer your inquiries.

Smart Infinity, Purple Card

On top of that, Smart Infinity - the premium brand of wireless services leader, Smart Communications - even gives you free high-end gadgets and accessories ahead of everyone else so can have the best mobile experience possible, without delays. Heck, considering everything that Smart Infinity gives its subscribers, I find it really hard to ask for more from my plan with them.

But the cool thing about the people behind this brand is that even if they know that the services that they offer are way ahead and far better than anything else out there, they don't rest on their laurels and they continue to come up with exciting promos to make their subscribers even happier.

Smart Purple Card

The latest cool offering that they have is this: the Smart Infinity Purple Card. Basically, it's a card - bundled with Smart Infinity Plans - that unleashes your inner 'shopaholic' by giving you a good amount to spend on the most premium lifestyle stores in town.

"Smart Infinity has always been about having our members enjoy the lifestyle they want and deserve, hence our latest offerings featuring the Purple Card of our partner Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI)," said Ms. Julie Carceller, Head of Smart Infinity. She added, “If you subscribe to our plans today, you will receive a generous amount of shopping GCs, a.k.a. Purple Cards, matched to your chosen package and/or your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus device. [...] As the premium postpaid brand of Smart, we at Smart Infinity constantly think of ways to complement the lifestyles of our members."

Here are the corresponding Purple Card amounts per plan:

Smart Infinity Purple Card is accepted at all Stores Specialists, Inc. establishments nationwide, including Marc Jacobs, Gap, Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Zara, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci, and Prada, among many others.

Smart Infinity, Purple Card
You can use your Purple Card as a portion of your payment for really expensive items.

"This is one of Smart Infinity’s means to let our clients know that we are here to give the best of every mobile and data experience. It’s really one thing to give them plans that cater to their demands—such as network reliability and quality service—and it’s another fulfilling experience to know that your needs are being thought of. [...] Previously, we bundled our plans with gadgets and premium appliances; this time, our subscribers get to shop for the premium brands they want for themselves! That in itself is quite an offer," shared Mr. James Chi, Marketing manager for Smart Infinity.

So which items am I thinking of buying using my Purple Card? Well, it's going to be either a bottle of perfume, a jacket, or a bag. I haven't decided on the SSI outlet yet but I'll keep you posted.