Disney Mobile Gaming Experience Arrives in the Philippines via Smart and PLDT

Mobile usage for digital entertainment has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. As Filipinos continue to embrace the advances in smartphone technology, the more inclined companies become to expand their market to mobile internet users. Elevating home entertainment to a new level, Disney Interactive recently embarked on a venture with multimedia services provider PLDT, along with Smart Communications Inc.

When telecommunications companies began expanding their internet capabilities, businesses had to adjust operations so that they’d be present on multimedia platforms. Because developments in technology are geared towards the convenience of the consumer, companies like Disney started tailoring their marketing strategies according to accessibility across an ever-growing market. Manila Standard Today explained that this partnership is “the first of its kind in Southeast Asia,” and now, Filipinos have access to a wide database of Disney entertainment.

Disney Mobile Philippines, Disney Smart

The 75 million subscribers of PLDT and Smart, both mobile and broadband, get to enjoy a wide array of Disney media within just a couple clicks on their gadgets. With mobile gaming trends as one of the driving forces in app development, it won’t be long before other big media production companies tap into this market, following in Disney’s lead.

Although consumers claim that the primary reasons for using mobile internet include reading and writing emails, as well as social media, mobile gaming has grown to be a popular activity amongst smartphone users. However, according to AlchemyBet, operator of online casino brand PocketFruity, games account for 50 percent of smartphone usage. Data from Statista reveal that mobile gaming revenue in the US will reach 3.77 billion dollars in 2017, a huge gain from the 1.36 billion dollars back in 2012. Business partnerships, such as the one between Disney and PLDT, are what continue to fuel this billion-dollar industry.

Within a swift touch of their smartphone or tablet, both children and adults alike can now relish in the world of Disney at their own leisure, conveniently watching beloved animated features, and reading their favorite stories. Smart subscribers can easily download Disney gaming titles, such as Frozen Free Fall and Marvel Avengers Alliance, from the GameX portal.