O+ USA 2015 Smartphones Graduation Sale Details

O+ USA will be holding a special 2015 Graduation Sale for all Pinoy consumers from February 25 to March 31, 2015! The company will be slashing hundreds if not thousands of pesos off the price tags of some of its best-selling smartphones this year. Needless to say, this presents a perfect opportunity for O+ fans - who've long been wishing to get hold of powerhouse handset from the brand - to finally make their wishes come true.

O+ USA Graduation Sale, O+ USA 2015

These are the handsets that will be included in the sale:

1. O+ 8.17
Original SRP: Php 10,995
Graduation Sale Price: Php 8,995 (Php 2,000 OFF)

O+ USA Graduation Sale, O+ USA 2015, O+ 8.17
Sporting a 5-inch HD IPS display that's protected by scratch-resistant glass touchscreen, O+ 8.17 runs on the powerhouse MT6591 chipset from MediaTek that has six cores and features leading innovations from O+ including: Peace to Selfie - Simply do the peace sign in front of the camera and it will automatically take your photo without you having to click on the shutter button, Air Shuffle - it allows you take photos, browse images in your gallery, and play music files simply by waving your hand in front of the phone's display, Air Share - A cloud-storage service that lets your quickly and conveniently upload, store, and share files with your friends, Encrypted Messages - Keep important or secret messages in your SMS inbox in a separate password-protected folder, away from prying eyes, and Visitor Mode - Allows you to instantly hide your contacts, messages, photos, and even some applications before you let your friends play with your smartphone.

O+ USA Graduation Sale, O+ USA 2015, O+ 8.17

2. O+ 360 Extreme
Original SRP: Php 12,995
Graduation Sale Price: Php 11,995 (Php 1,000 OFF)

O+ USA Graduation Sale, O+ USA 2015, O+ 360 Extreme
This is the smartphone that Piolo Pascual is playing with in that new O+ ABS-CBN Mobile television commercial. I'm in love with this release because it doesn't only look absolutely stunning but it also has the best technical specifications out of all smartphones in O+'s current product line-up. It even has front-facing flash, which is great for those who love to take selfies - like me.

3. O+ Evo 4G
Original SRP: Php 7,995
Graduation Sale Price: Php 7,495 (Php 500 OFF)

O+ USA Graduation Sale, O+ USA 2015, O+ Evo 4G
One of the most budget-friendly yet attractive 4G LTE smartphones in the Philippines currently, 5-inch HD O+ Evo 4G has the latest 64-bit Quad Core processor MediaTek, a sizable 8GB of ROM, and a rather large 2,500 mAh Li-Ion battery pack. It's one of my favorite smartphones this Q1 2015.

4. O+ Grande
Original SRP: Php 5,995
Graduation Sale Price: Php 5,495 (Php 500 OFF)

O+ USA Graduation Sale, O+ USA 2015, O+ Grande
O+ Grande is easily one of the most 'sulit' smartphones that's available in the market. It's very affordable but it also comes with features that are great for those who love watching videos or playing 3D games on their handsets. The handset is equipped with a massive 6-inch HD IPS display and is powered by a Quad Core 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6582 chipset, which delivers a smooth and lag-free mobile experience.

All of these smartphones are in the 2015 TechPinas collection and I highly recommend all of them. I think you can't go wrong with any of these handsets. They're all great for power users but each offers a unique selling point. What's common about all of them is that they all look great and they are really well-made. If there's anything I can say about O+ smartphones, it's that they are worth every penny because they are made to last.