I Bought Nike Air Max 2015 at Capital Shoe Store UP Town Center For Future Fitness Tech Reviews

To live a more active lifestyle and to do it in style: That's one of the new goals that I've set for myself.

As a technology blogger, editor-in-chief for a corporate magazine, and digital marketing consultant for a number of companies, I often find little time left to do activities that can help me improve my physique and be more fit.

I'm a fan of constant self-improvement. So I've made a pact with myself to jog more, to go to the gym regularly, as well as to join runs and *fingers crossed* marathons in the coming months. And hopefully, I could eventually include these as part of my lifestyle so I can enjoy their long term benefits.

I'll also let you in on my new fitness adventures as - while at it - I'll be reviewing the hottest gadgets and accessories including fitness bands, smartwatches, and headphones among many others that can be our companion for losing those extra pounds and building a more lean body. Maybe we can even jog together sometime. Just let me know; You have my email.

That said, Capital Shoe Store's invitation for the intimate opening of their new branch located at the 3rd Level of UP Town Center a few weeks ago came at a perfect time. I was looking for a great pair of running shoes then to jumpstart my new 'self-improvement' campaign.

I'm glad I graced their warm invite because my whole shoe-shopping experience at Capital turned out really fun and informative. Also, my brother - Val of BallersPinas, who was also invited - and I collect sneakers and running shoes so were like two kids in a candy-store during the entire event.

So why 'Capital'? What's with the name? Well, according to our friends from the company, a good pair of shoes can bring you places. Shoes are an asset, a valuable capital, when you really think about it. And I agree.

At the UP Town Center store opening, Capital introduced their current ambassadors, all of whom are hip millennials who see their sneakers as an essential part of their unique lifestyles. DLSU Baseball player and model Carlo Laurel is one of them.

You can watch the highlights of the event here:

Capital offers a wide selection of sneakers from classics all the way to the most popular current releases. And what I love about shopping there is that you can always ask the sales staff about the history of certain models - like the legendary Superstar by Adidas or the must-have Original Mashup by New Balance - as well as what makes them special.

Adidas Superstar

New Balance Original Mashup

Puma Suede

New Balance Tennis Shoes

I'm a big Nike fan and I was delighted to see the latest Flyknit and Air Max models in Capital's line-up. These are hot!

Nike Flyknit

Nike Air Max 2015

They also offer those svelte and regal Fred Perry tennis shoes in leather and canvas. I think every gentleman should have at least one Fred Perry pair in his collection.

Fred Perry Leather Tennis Shoes

Fred Perry Canvas Tennis Shoes

Fred Perry Shoes

Puma is one of the most respected sneaker and running shoe brands not only because of its heritage but because they continuously churn out models with top-notch cushioning and ultra-light-weight construction.

Puma Running Shoes

"Consumers are assured that the Capital experience goes beyond regular shoe shopping. Capital personnel are also enthusiasts who revel in their love for kicks. In effect, this creates a community of shared interests and an understanding of the story behind every shoe release," our buds from the company share.

Nike Tubular

Red Nike Running Shoes

Nike Internationalist Jacquard

So which model did I purchase at Capital Shoe Store in UP Town Center?

Nike Air Max 2015 Blue Green

This. Nike Air Max 2015 running shoes with Blue upper and Green sole.

Nike Air Max Running Shoes

It's an eye-candy and it's the pair that immediately caught my eyes as soon as I entered the store. "It's one of Nike's most popular and best-selling models. I think it will look great on you," the rep told me when I inquired about it.

"I'll try it on then," I replied.

I'm size 9 to 9.5 with Adidas and Nike running and basketball shoes.

The first pair that the sales staff got from the stock room fit me perfectly.

I love Royal Blue and Ultramarine. I have a few other blue shoes in my collection but they're not quite as 'blue' as this one. This is very vibrant and eye-catching. I love it!


And I also got this Cayler & Sons cap to go with it. Obviously, I'm a fan of neon and pastel colors balanced by shades of black, white, and grey. Very Henri Matisse!

Let me wrap up this post by sharing how Capital describes the overarching vision serving as the backbone of their business:

"From teenagers fresh out of high school to climbing-up-the-corporate-ladder yuppies, this discriminating love for fine art, whether it be a kind of appreciation or an adaptation into a lifestyle, is slowly becoming a common practice. Brought about by the digital era, information on the latest trends and hippest “want-to-haves” has never been so easy. With a touch of a button or a simple click, imaginations are awakened and the door to endless possibilities are opened to exploration.

This then, brings us to the landscape of sneaker culture. Owning a pair is one, but taking that first step with it? This becomes a whole different story—a story that The Outlet People, through Capital, wants to help you create. The definitive moment of owning a pair of sneakers you’ve once only admired from afar not only marks your sartorial prowess, but it also establishes your unique personality. Capital helps you pave the way for a new shoe movement that celebrates your individuality and inimitable charm.

Consumers are assured that the Capital experience goes beyond regular shoe shopping. Capital personnel are also enthusiasts who revel in their love for kicks. In effect, this creates a community of shared interests and an understanding of the story behind every shoe release."

All set to do those fitness tech reviews!

Located in UP Town Center, Capital carries sought-after shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Asics Tiger, and Fred Perry. It will also open two more branches at Circuit Makati and Uptown BGC late this year. Popular European street brands MiPac, Hype and Cayler & Sons will also be exclusively available in Capital. Join the Capital Movement now!