Maine Mendoza's Twitter Account Hacked by Anonymous Philippines

Anonymous Philippines - a group of talented Pinoy hackers who've made themselves popular by hijacking government websites to help advance their views and advocacies - is at it again!

But this time, they targeted a social networking account of an online and TV sensation.

Maine Mendoza Twitter Account Hacked

Just a few minutes ago, Anonymous Philippines got hold of - or more like 'borrowed' - Maine Mendoza's Twitter handle as a way to further promote #MillionMaskMarch, which they are planning to mount on the 5th of November in front of Malacanang Palace.

Maine Mendoza Twitter Account Hacked

The group hasn't disclosed their reason as to why they've chosen Maine's profile out of the many Pinoy celebrity accounts on the social networking site. It's obvious, though, that YayaDub's popularity these days - both on the internet and otherwise - is unquestionable. In fact, with tens of thousands of users following her everyday since the start of AlDub fever, Maine Mendoza currently holds the fastest growing Twitter profile in the Philippines.

Maine Mendoza, Twitter Philippines
Source: Socialbakers

Having 2.4 Million followers as of November 3, 2015, she's not yet in the top 10 list of most followed Pinoy personalities on the site but I believe she'll get there in no time.

Meanwhile, many of YayaDub's fans on Twitter and Facebook are expressing their dismay and anger at what Anonymous Philippines did to their idol's social media account.

Quoting GasGas Abelgas ‏@aldubsecurity, "[Gusto ko yung org nila lalo sa government nila ginagawa yan. Pero ngayon, wrong move ginawa nila... personal account yan #ALDUBTheVisitor]"

On the other hand, Artho Ele shared this on Facebook: "Tama na yung mai-SHARE na lang nung mga nakapanood ng video kung gusto nilang i-share. Pero yung mang-HACK ng account ng may account lalo na ng popular na tao ngayon, kahit anong angulo eh mali naman ata yun! not acceptable! still a crime pa din diba? so anong tawag sa inyo???"

Added Maria Marilyn on FB, "Good intentions are not good when you achieve your goal using 'not good' methods, i.e. hacking an innocent person's account. That's bad! Bakit hindi accounts ng mga [tiwali] ang i-hack nyo? Tsk..tsk.."

I totally agree with the last statement.

Anyway, as of 3:00 AM November 3, 2015, it appears that Anonymous Philippines has not returned Maine Mendoza's Twitter account to its rightful owner. When exactly are planning to give it back? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Update as of 3:33 PM November 3, 2015: Maine Mendoza's online accounts (apparently, her Instagram and Facebook accounts were also hacked) have just been returned to her -- but not without any damage. Her FB account has been deactivated while her email account remains inaccessible.

Maine Mendoza Hacked