OtterBox Symmetry Case for iPhone 6 and 6S Plus in the Philippines : Price, Features, Actual Smartphone Case Photos

Last week, I received this cool and curious package from our friends at OtterBox Philippines. Actually, it's the biggest box that I got from a smartphone case maker this year.

From the all-black-look to the yellow stickers mimicking 'caution' tape across the front, the design of the package gives the impression that what's inside is of note, something tough and durable. And it is.

Lifting the cover, I was greeted by all of these interesting items. I really have to hand it to our buds at OtterBox and to their PR agency, Ogilvy Philippines, for preparing them meticulously. I love the presentation. Very unique.

Let's take a look at all the stuff inside the box, one by one.

All current OtterBox cases for the iPhone and handful of Android flagship models have passed Denim Pocket Abrasion Test and Hand Sanitizer Purell Test. This means that these protective sleeves can withstand normal wear and tear from being going in and out of jeans' pockets repeatedly and from being exposed to chemicals found in hand sanitizers.

When it comes to drop protection, OtterBox is king -- and anyone who truly knows smartphone cases will tell you that. Ever since its birth in 1998, OtterBox has consistently released products - combining durable materials with top-notch product design - that protect the most expensive and luxurious smartphones.

Aside from being protected against jean pocket abrasion and skin sanitizer chemical damage, new OtterBox cases have also passed Cold Storage test, Hand Lotion Resistance test, and Rubbing Alcohol test, among many others.

According to the company, "All OtterBox case designs undergo a minimum of 238 hours of testing across at least 24 rigorous tests to earn the seal of OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection. [...] The on-site, state-of-the-art testing lab houses various equipment, including a custom-built tumbler, thermal shock absorber, accelerated aging environmental chamber, as well as UVA and UVB exposure machines."

OtterBox is so serious about Drop Protection technology that they even made this Case Test Manual to explain the many resistance tests that their cases have passed. I'll show you all the pages of this booklet in a future TP post.

There are six types of OtterBox cases that are available for the Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus here in the Philippines. Here's how OtterBox describes each of them:

Defender Series, priced at Php 2,850 for the iPhone 6s and Php 3,600 for the iPhone 6s Plus is a triple-layer, ultra-rugged case built for the most adventurous types. With a built-in screen protector to guard against debris, dust and grime, the case also has a protective membrane over Touch ID and includes a handy belt-clip holster for hands-free carrying.

Commuter Series, priced Php 2,150 for the iPhone 6s and Php 2,950 for the iPhone 6s Plus is a sleek and sturdy two-piece case that protects from everyday bumps and drops.

Commuter Wallet Series, priced at Php 2,500 is a protective phone case comes complete with discrete storage and quick access to cash and important cards. It combines convenience, security and trusted OtterBox protection into pocket-friendly designs.

The new Strada Series, retailing at Php 2,150 for the iPhone 6s and Php 2,950 for the iPhone 6s is a genuine leather folio with room for a credit card and provides a professional and polished take on rugged protection. Alpha Glass is coming soon.

MySymmetry Series, retails at Php 1,750, is the slimmest case in its class with dual-material, easy to install and customize with ready-to-go swappable design inserts or clear back design.

And finally, what OtterBox gave me, Symmetry Series retailing at 2,150 for the iPhone 6s and Php 2,950 for the iPhone 6s Plus is an ultra slim, stylish and pocket-friendly case with all of the trusted protection Filipinos have come to expect from OtterBox.

As you can see, the packaging showcases the design of the product, which is one of its main selling points. Whereas other models come only in plain black, the Symmetry Series is special as it flaunts various prints and colors that can match the style and lifestyle of the user.

Our friends at Ogilvy PR picked this design for me and I love it! Bold white marks going in all directions on a plain black base. I think it looks really cool.

Another thing that sets the Symmetry Series apart is its slim construction. It's hardly the slimmest iPhone case that's out there but it's way slimmer than other OtterBox models.

And what's cool is that it still offers that legendary OtterBox drop protection. Yes, it may be slim but it's just as tough and durable as rest of them.

You may think it's too thin to be an OtterBox case but it is.

Check out the holes and grooves for the power button, the volume up and down buttons, and the silent switch.

See that small barcode? That's one feature of an authentic OtterBox case. There are many imitations flooding the market; Make sure you get the original.

Alright! Time to install it on my iPhone!

Since the case is made of sturdy material to ensure maximum protection, you will feel a bit of fight when sliding the handset in -- but that's normal. Just make sure that you get a snug fit.

Here's how it looks when properly installed.

All the holes at the bottom align perfectly with the audio jack, lightning port, and loud speaker.

So does this case make the power and volume buttons harder to press? Frankly, yes. But just a bit. It's exactly what I had expected given the strength of the polycarbonate composite material that the case if made of. I mean, you can't expect any part of this case to be flimsy or soft. Yes, it's stylish but it's still a protective case though and through.

The lips of the case kiss the oleophobic glass touchscreen of the iPhone perfectly. No odd gaps.

An OtterBox Case that doesn't make the iPhone look and feel too bulky for the hand or pocket. And it doesn't hurt that it's quite stylish too. Now, isn't that something?

OtterBox Symmetry Cases for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus are now available at all OtterBox kiosks and authorized retail outlets across the country.

"Smartphones are such an intrinsic part of our lives here in Asia, but so often we forget to take care of them. Every one of our cases for the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has gone through rigorous testing so that you know your phone can stand up against the inevitable drops, skids, slides and bumps of everyday life," shared Mr. Steve Nisbet, Managing Director of OtterBox Asia Pacific.

OtterBox is currently the #1 smartphone case seller in the United States and the company remains to be the global leader when it comes to mobile hardware protection. TechPinas is proud to call OtterBox a friend and partner in this ever-evolving world of technology.