Apple iPhone 6s vs Apple iPhone 7 Specs Comparison : Should You Upgrade?

Since yesterday's Apple iPhone 7 official announcement, I've been receiving a ton questions from Apple iPhone 6s owners (both friends and social media followers) who are wondering if they should upgrade to the newer model.

"How much better is the iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 6s, Mark?"

"Do you think the new features are enough reason for me to ditch my current phone and get the latest release?"

"Am I going to miss anything if I hold on to my iPhone 6s for another year?"

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Apple iPhone 6s vs Apple iPhone 7

For those who are already at wits' end trying to decide if they should make that jump to the Apple iPhone 7, I made this comprehensive specs and features comparison table between last year's 4.7-inch iPhone versus the 2016 iteration. Kindly check this out first before we move forward:

I'll keep this short so as not to confuse you further.

Here are the things you'll miss if you won't upgrade to the iPhone 7:

1. New look. Lighter build. (But actually, the overall footprint and even the dimensions are still the same.)
2. Brighter and more brilliant display. (Note, though, that the screen size is still 4.7-inch.)
3. Same resolution main camera that has a brigher flash and performs better in low light conditions.
4. Front camera with higher resolution and Full HD video recording capability.
5. Optical Image Stabilization (resulting in less shaky videos) when shooting clips using the main camera.
6. Slightly longer battery life.
7. Bigger internal storage space options -- up to a whopping 256GB!
8. Far more powerful processor for gaming and running specs-intensive tasks and applications.
9. Stereo loud speakers for better music-listening and movie-viewing experience.
10. IP67 Dust-and-Water-Resistant exterior for added protection against accidental splashes and drops in liquid.

Here's what you'll miss if you upgrade to the iPhone 7:
1. 3.5mm audio jack -- though, you can always get that new and inconvenient cable adapter that Apple is offering.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Apple iPhone 7

So should you upgrade? It's really up to you. If you think any of the enhancements (and omission) that Apple implemented on the new model will greatly improve your mobile experience and help you celebrate your passions more deeply (for instance, if you're into mobile photography or vlogging) plus you have the funds to upgrade anyway, by all means, do it. But if you're still happy with your Apple iPhone 6s and you don't really find the changes all that compelling, then stick to your handset. Just do what will make you happy.

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