Apple Watch Series 2 Price is $369, Release Date in the US in on September 16, 2016 : Water-Resistant Up to 50 Meters, Perfect for Swimmers

The first generation Apple Watch was IPX7 certified, which means that it is protected against water-entry and damage when submerged into a meter of liquid for up to 30 minutes.

Such certification is good enough for accidental splashes or drops in the pool but it doesn't really make the Apple Watch a wearable that you can rely on to give you fitness data when you're swimming or surfing, for example.

Apple Watch Series 2

To address that, Apple made the freshly announced Apple Watch Series 2 water-resistant up to 50 meters! Believe it!

Apple Watch Series 2

This means that you won't have to take it off your wrist when you're doing fitness activities in water like swimming or even diving!

It can even track your in-water workout progress!

Apple Watch Series 2

So how was Apple able to give this device such high water-resistance? Well, they didn't get into details but from what I heard, it has something to do with the way that the watch is constructed.

Apple Watch Series 2
The entire build is airtight and the speaker hole doesn't only prevent water from entering the internal part but also expels liquid when in use.

Powered by Apple's new Dual Core S2 chipset and available in 38mm and 42mm display size variants, the energy-efficient Apple Watch Series 2 will sell for $369 USD when it hits store shelves in the United States starting on September 16, 2016. Buyers can choose between the more corporate-looking Hermes models and the more sporty Nike Plus edition.

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