Is Leather Good For Cleaning Glass Touchscreen of Smartphones?

"Sir Mark, what do you use for cleaning the touchscreen of your smartphones?"

That's what TP Friend Gail Santos asked me via FB Messenger a few months ago.

"The usual: Microfibre cloth," I answered.

Gail replied as if to give a recommendation, "You should try soft genuine leather, Sir! It's even better; I promise you. If you wanna give it a go, I know a supplier where you can get it from."

Her enthusiasm about the product got me interested -- so I eventually ordered my own QuikWipe leather pads from her recommended online seller.

Fast forward to today, I don't regret following Gail's advice.

I've yet to research on what exactly makes leather so effective in removing grime, lint, and oil off glass panels but the one thing I can tell you is that it really works.

Maybe it's because of the thousands of soft fibers in the underside trapping all the dirt instead of just pushing them around or the fact that it's 100% natural -- whatever it is, it's magic.

Leather for Clearning Smartphones

Look at all that dirt:

I love this product so much that it has become a mainstay on my home-office desk and in my gadget bag. I particularly find it useful when I'm taking photos or shooting videos of my smartphones and tablets for review here in TechPinas.

My only tip for those who are planning to use this is to make sure that there's nothing trapped between the fibers of the leather or on the glass face your phone that can scratch it before pressing the pad on your device. Even a single grain of sand could be enough to scratch the toughest smartphone touchscreens.

Leather Wipes
Apart from electronic devices, you can also use QuikWipe to clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses, and VR Glass lenses.

Wanna get this too? You can purchase your leather pads from Aaron Neri Sanchez of Big Arrow Online for only Php 265 (pack of 3). His number is 09279979450. Don't forget to mention TechPinas to him when you place your order.

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