New 2016 Nokia Android Smartphones, Coming Soon? Here's What We Know

Nokia's licensing contract with Microsoft Corporation expired in 2015. Hence, the Finnish Giant - which was once the number one handset manufacturer and seller in the world by a very wide margin - is finally free again to craft and market its own smartphones.

Last May 2016, Mr. Ramzi Haidamus - President of Nokia Technologies - released an official statement wherein he noted that the company is entering an exciting new chapter in an industry where Nokia remains a truly iconic name. This more than confirms that the brand is already poised to release - or at least, announce - a new set mobile devices.

That said, allow me to share five things that we know so far about Nokia's upcoming smartphones and slates.

1. New Nokia handsets will run Android Operating System

To quote the company itself, "The new smartphones and tablets will be based on Android, uniting one of the world’s iconic mobile brands, Nokia, with the leading mobile operating system and app development community." (via)

2. Foxconn, the company that assembles the Apple iPhone, will make new Nokia smartphones

The former top handset maker will work with FIH Mobile Limited (FIH) - a subsidiary of the Chinese company Foxconn Technology Group - for the manufacturing, sales and distribution of upcoming Nokia-branded mobile devices.

3. Nokia reassures fans that its new devices will still bear legendary Nokia genes.

Unlike its business model during its heydays in the late 90's and early 2000's, Nokia will no longer craft or assemble its own smartphones and tablets but - moving forward - will simply collect royalties from its licensing partner HMD Global Oy after providing its name and set of patents to devices that it will design and develop with Foxconn. Nevertheless, the Finnish Giant reassures its long-time followers that the upcoming Nokia products 'will exemplify what consumers have come to expect from all Nokia devices, including quality, design, and innovation'.

4. At least three new Nokia smartphones will be unveiled come Q4 2016

A Nokia executive in China - Mr. Mike Wang - has confirmed to a news site that the company is preparing to announce three or four new Android smartphones before this year ends. Analysts are speculating that at least two of those models will be flagship-level devices with top-notch internal hardware and imaging capabilities but with different screen sizes. The others, they say, will be affordable midrange models.

5. Is Nokia forming a new team in the Philippines?

Earlier today, I talked to one of my friends from the former Nokia headquarters in the Philippines and I asked the person if the company is starting to create a new team for operations in this territory. Here's the reply that I got: "Given the status and economy of the Philippines in South East Asia, I'd not be surprised."

Are you excited about the imminent return of Nokia in the handset game? How big of a Nokia fan are you? Send your "welcome back" messages to Nokia via our comments section below.

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