Get DSLR-like Bokeh Effect Using Apple iPhone 7 Plus : Dual Optics Camera Module, Explained!

As someone who's just become more serious about photography and is now close to purchasing a DSLR along with a couple of lenses, I find this new imaging feature of the freshly announced Apple iPhone 7 Plus very exciting!

Check this out! It can give you DSLR-like Bokeh Effect or that 'Shallow Depth of Field' look!

Bokeh, basically, is when your photo's subject is clear and in-focus but the other parts of the shot are blurry or out-of-focus, giving more emphasis to the subject and making the frame appear less flat and more interesting. Usually, this is achieved using a specific DSLR lens and as such, it is hard to render using only a smartphone camera.

So how is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus able to achieve this effect?

Flaunting two 12 MegaPixel optics and six-element lens, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus' camera - according to the Cupertino company - is the best ever made in any smartphone.

This Dual-Optic set-up - simply put - allows the iPhone 7 Plus' camera to have two-times optical zoom and to create a Depth Map.

One optic has a f/1.8 wide-lens while the other has telephoto f/2.8 lens with narrow field of view, delivering a magnified image. The combination of these two gives the shooter the above-mentioned features.

The depth map, in particular, is what allows this new iPhone to produce an effect that's more or less similar to Bokeh.

When you put the camera in Portrait mode, the optics will immediately look for the subject of the shot and isolate him or her from the rest of what's inside the frame. After which, the imaging software will keep the subject in focus and blur out all other parts as shown in the photo above. And what's cool is that you will be able to see this via live preview even before you snap the shot. Sweet!

Equipped with a 5.5-inch Retina HD display, 7MP FaceTime HD front cam for selfies with Image Stabilization, and a powerhouse Apple A10 Fusion chip, water-resistant Apple iPhone 7 Plus dons an official price tag starting at $769 USD, comes in a number of colors, including Gold, Black, Rose Gold, Silver, and Jet Black, and is available in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants.

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