Western Digital My Passport Ultra 3TB Quick Review with CrystalDiskMark Test Results

If your Mac or Windows computer is starting to run slow because of all the massive files that you're keeping in its HDD or SSD, then you should certainly consider getting yourself an external hard drive with large storage space where you can keep content that you don't always need to have in your system.

Here's one that I'm currently using. It's Western Digital My Passport Ultra 3TB.

There are three things I like about this particular model.

But before I talk about that, let's do a quick unboxing.

The box is made of paper carton and there's a window in front where you can see the product covered by a hard plastic shell.

My Passport Ultra is compatible with both Mac and PC and it comes with WD Security, which is a 256-bit hardware-based password encryption to protect your files from theft.

If it's your first time to encounter this brand, Western Digital is an American data storage company and it's also one of the biggest and most trusted computer hard drive makers in the world.

The complete retail package, which sells for Php 6,999 here in the Philippines, includes the unit itself, microUSB 3.0 to USB connector cable, user manual, and warranty certificate.

Alright. Going back to the things I like about this product.

First, it's very easy to use. As in, no frills. Even kids shouldn't have any problems using this device.

Simply use the provided cable to connect it to your PC or Mac and you're good to go.

Just connect this microUSB 3.0 port to your computer's USB port using the cord and you're all set to transfer files.

(In some cases, though, you might have to format the hard drive before you can use it. But anyway, even that is super easy. Your computer will guide you through the two-step process.)

The second thing I like about the WD My Passport Ultra is its no-non-sense design language.

I don't like gadgets with unnecessary design accents or embellishments so I find this look rather attractive.

The only accent it has is the colored plate in front, which comes in a number of hues including Red, White, Black, and my favorite: Blue.

On top of the design, I also appreciate the solid build of the product. It has a reassuring heft and you can tell just by holding it that it's built like a brick. I haven't dropped my unit but I think it's durable enough to survive the knocks and bumps of daily use.

And finally, the thing I love most about the WD My Passport Ultra 3TB is that it's super fast!

I ran CrystalDiskMark Test on the device to check how fast it can read and write files. The results were staggering. I got a Read Speed of 127.4 mbps and Write Speed of 127.3 mbps, which are almost double that of my other external hard drive! In terms of real world use, this means that if you often transfer very large files like multi-GB Full HD or 4K clips for work, you can do that a lot faster with this product. I think this is great for those in the film or video-editing industry, among others. Sweet, eh?

Oh, and one more thing. I think it's great that Western Digital created a Drive Utilities software that go with My Passport Ultra.

What's cool about this application, which users can download for free via WD's official website. is that it allows you to easily monitor the health of the external hard drive using Quick Drive Test, which detect and fix bad sectors. With it, you can rest assured that your My Passport Ultra will work flawlessly when you connect it to your computer.

WD My Passport Ultra 3TB is now available at all local distribution partners of the company across the Philippines including EA Global, Villman, IonTech, TechTron, UberTech, and Verdure Xchange Tech.

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