How The Gaming Industry Today Compares To Past Decades' Gaming Scene

Across the globe, the gaming industry has seen a massive and rapid change over the past few decades.

Since the 80s and 90s, the gaming sector has witnessed tremendous improvement, especially in terms of special effects, environments, and graphics. In fact, many titles today have become far more immersive, calling for the use of VR headsets for mixed-reality gaming experiences.


Currently, the gaming industry has become so big that the sector is larger than the movie and the music industry combined. In fact, as of writing, there are more than two billion gamers across the globe. 

How The Gaming Industry Has Changed

In the last two decades, many things in the gaming industry have greatly changed, especially the way that games are being produced, marketed, and monetized. 

Online gaming is the latest trend that has successfully managed to connect gamers from all across the globe. Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games and Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas like World of Warcraft and PUBG have become increasingly popular. With online gaming, people also learned to socialize online, which is especially useful during the time of the pandemic. 

In addition to online gaming, titles present on social networks and mobile devices have also become popular. Currently, most of the revenue that the gaming industry enjoys comes from mobile gaming. Sometimes, the prizes from mobile game tournaments are larger than the prizes of Lottery Sambad, the Teer Result, which makes mobile gaming very lucrative or attractive to players.

One popular sector of today's gaming industry is eSports. With the improvement in the graphics of many games, virtual gameplay has become immensely popular. As a result, eSports - like that of League of Legends and Mobile Legends - have become a mainstream phenomenon. According to experts, the eSports sector is expected to grow to an industry of $1.5 billion by 2023. 

AR and VR have also managed to encroach on the space of the gaming industry. It is expected that by 2026, this sector will grow to $11 billion. With the help of AR and VR headsets, gamers get a more realistic experience with proper simulation. Today, interactive games and console wars using these accessories have become a major part of the gaming industry.

The Market Demographics Is Changing 

Along with the advancements in the gaming industry, changes in the market demographics can also be observed. 

Unlike in previous decades, today's gaming industry interests both young and old players; There's no age bias anymore. Also, the gaming industry is witnessing a gender mix. Now, people of all genders and sexualities have games and characters that represent them and make them want to be more active players.

Truly, the gaming industry is witnessing an ever-expanding market all over the globe. This indicates that the gaming industry remains high in demand and as such, it makes sense to expect better and more realistic gaming titles in the near future.

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