How To Check If Your Facebook Account Has Been Secretly Hacked or If Someone Is Using Your Account on Another Device Without Consent

Do you sometimes feel that your Facebook account has been hacked and someone has been secretly checking your FB messages on another device without your consent?

In this TechPinas post, I will show you how to check if another person or party has gotten your Facebook password and is currently using your account on another smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

I will also show you how to remotely log out of your FB account on their devices to stop their unauthorized access.


The procedure is actually quite easy -- and here's how you do it.

1. Log in to your Facebook account from one of your personal and trusted devices.

2. Go to your Account Settings by clicking on the cog icon under the Menu as shown in the image below. 

Facebook App Settings

3. In Account Settings, tap on "Security and Login".

Facebook Security Log-In

4. Under Security and Login, go to "Where you're logged in" section and tap on "See all" as shown in the image below.

Facebook Where You're Logged In

5. In "Where you're logged in", you will see a list of all smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets - as well as other devices - that have recently accessed your Facebook account.

You will also see which of them is logged in and actively using your FB account.

Facebook Devices

6. Scan the list and take note of which devices are yours and which ones appear shady. Try to remember the gadgets you recently used to check your Facebook account so you can easily figure out which items in the list should be red-flagged.

Facebook Review Log In

7. When you see a device that doesn't appear to be yours and you suspect that it's being used by a hacker or an authorized person to secretly check your Facebook account, click on the "three-dot column" beside it and tap "Log out" in the message that will pop out, as shown in the image above."

8. After logging out of all suspected devices, change your Facebook password to secure your account.

To wrap up, you might also want to turn on Two-Step Facebook Login Verification as an additional layer of security and protection against hackers.

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