JBL Soundbar Speakers with Dolby Atmos Technology, Officially Launched in the Philippines!

Experience a captivating cinematic journey within your home through JBL's immersive sound technology. The new series of soundbars are designed with a sleek and functional appearance, and packed with various features to cater to thrill-seeking individuals with an uncompromising ear for quality sound.

This diverse group includes melomaniacs, film buffs, gamers, digital creators, producers, girl bosses, moms on-the-go, and Zumba enthusiasts in your neighborhood.

JBL offers a diverse range of soundbars, comprising five new models with tailored components to cater to various requirements. The JBL Bar 1300, JBL Bar 1000, JBL Bar 800, JBL Bar 500, and JBL Bar 300 are designed for multiple scenarios, from a complete home theater setup to a casual viewing experience in the living room or bedroom. Rest assured, JBL has a soundbar that fits your needs.

JBL Soundbar Series, Officially Launched in the Philippines

JBL and Harman International executives, JBL dealers, media friends, and special guests, including Bela Padilla, Gab Valenciano, Patricia Henson, and Daniel Peters, attended the launch event for the JBL Soundbar Series held at the Palawan Ballroom of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel last March 2, 2023.

JBL Soundbar Series Speakers Philippines
(L - R) Larry Secreto, PH Country Head, Harman International; Megan Lee, Director Product Planning & Strategy, Consumer Audio Harman Asia Pacific; Twinkle Nava Rafael, Harman International Channel Sales Manager; Rodney Chan, VP & General Manager, Home Audio Business Unit, Harman Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Prior to the event, an expert panel consisting of Raymond Lauchengco, Jumbo de Belen, and Gel Cabantac Cases tested the soundbars. The panel members are leaders in their respective fields and have a thorough understanding of what it takes to produce an outstanding audio experience. Each one of them brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table, making them the perfect candidates to put JBL soundbars to the test.

Raymond Lauchengco found the JBL Bar 1300 to be superior to anything he has experienced in the past. He was not previously a fan of soundbars because of the linear sound coming from the front. However, the JBL Bar 1300's sound was everywhere, making it feel like he was in a movie theater or sitting in front of his private concert hall.

JBL Soundbar Series Speakers Philippines
(L - R) Gab Valenciano; Bela Padilla; Larry Secreto, PH Country Head, Harman International; Megan Lee, Director Product Planning & Strategy, Consumer Audio Harman Asia Pacific; Daniel Peters; Patricia Henson; Twinkle Nava Rafael, Harman International Channel Sales Manager; Cara Eriguel-Rabat

Jumbo de Belen also attested to JBL's ability to bring movie-theater audio quality to the home. He mentioned that he has been working on spatial mixes, which is an experience that can only be had in the cinema. But with JBL, it's readily available in your home right now.

Bela Padilla JBL Soundbar Speaker
Bela Padilla relaxes using the new JBL Bar 500, which delivers impressive 3D sound and exciting bass.

The JBL Soundbar Series includes variants that are simpler and easier to set up. Gel Cabantac Cases, who is not tech-savvy, found the JBL box easy to set up and calibrate. She and her three-year-old daughter had fun trying out the soundbar while watching YouTube, and her daughter started dancing to the awesome sound.

Elevate Your Home Entertainment Experience with JBL

JBL offers an advanced range of soundbars with built-in Dolby Atmos technology to provide immersive 3D surround sound for an enhanced home cinema experience.

With Purevoice technology, these soundbars ensure clear dialogue even in the presence of loud sound effects. Personalization options are available through the JBL One App, which enables easy control and streaming of favorite tracks.

Voice assistant-enabled devices like Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri can also operate the soundbars.

The JBL Soundbar Series can connect with popular music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music, making it an essential home entertainment tool.

JBL Soundbar Series Speaker, JBL Bar 1300
JBL Bar 1300 Price is PHP 85,999 per system

Get ready to be blown away by the JBL Bar 1300 and its ultimate 3D surround experience! With high-tech features that produce powerful and bold sound, you'll feel like you've been transported to another world, whether you're watching an action-packed movie or a romantic 90s comedy.

JBL Soundbar Series Speakers Philippines, JBL Bar 1000
JBL Bar 1000 Price is PHP 59,999 per system

Don't miss out on the JBL Bar 1000 for the most exhilarating rush! It's the essential audio equipment that will make you feel like you're right in the middle of the action when enjoying movies, music, or games in your game room or man cave.

There's a JBL Soundbar Series Model For You

If you're looking for a smaller setup without compromising on sound quality, check out the new JBL Bar 800 for a 3D cinematic experience with the simplest setup.

JBL Soundbar Series Speakers Philippines, JBL Bar 800
JBL Bar 800 Price is PHP 47,999 per system

Get your groove on with the JBL 500, which produces amazing 3D sound and thrilling bass, making it a home essential for studying, working, exercising, playing video games, or watching movies.

Last but not least, the JBL 300 is the perfect all-in-one soundbar with extraordinary sound and a sleek compact design that is easy to set up. Ideal for your home office, study, or bedroom, put on your favorite show and escape from the daily grind.

JBL Soundbar Series Speakers Philippines, JBL Bar 300
JBL Bar 300 is PHP 27,999 per unit

As Raymond Lauchengco observed, people often take sound for granted, but it's an essential part of the visual experience, whether you're watching a movie or attending a concert.

#DareToElevate your audio experience by shopping the new JBL Soundbar Series and discover a new level of immersive cinematic thrill that you won't want to miss out on!

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