7 Pro Tips To Get More Instagram Followers

Since 2010, Instagram has been one of the best ways to share photos and videos with friends and family online.

Instagram now has over 1 billion active monthly users who spend an average of 28-56 minutes a day on the app, depending on their age. The "photo-sharing" network continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year and your business can certainly capitalize on it!


For a business or brand to make the most of the Instagram craze, having a large number of followers is essential. This will help your business gain more visibility, promote brand awareness, and extend your marketing reach to a broader demographic.

So how does one get more followers on Instagram? That is the million-dollar question every brand and business wants to know. Fortunately, the following list details tips used by social media professionals to get more Instagram followers and boost their business' profile.

The first tip used by professional social media users to increase their following is via Twicsy. Twicsy is a platform where you can buy Instagram followers for a small fee.

Twicsy offers a variety of packages to suit your follower needs ranging from a small handful to several thousand. When you buy Instagram followers on Twicsy, they provide authentic and genuine followers to your account within 24 hours of your payment being processed and approved.


Twicsy is a fantastic way for new brands to get the initial exposure needed to promote their brand successfully from day one. Additionally, Twicsy is also very well suited for established Instagram brands and businesses that want to boost their following to help promote new products and services to a wider range of potential followers.

Check out Twicsy's website for more information about their many follower packages as well as their specials for getting more Instagram Likes and views.

# 2 - Engage With Hashtags

Another tip that will help you gain more Instagram followers is by engaging with hashtags relevant to your niche market. For example, by using brand-specific and general hashtags, your brand will attract new Instagram followers interested in your products.

For example, if you use Instagram to document your pets' adventures, hashtags such as #doglover, #catlover, #dogsofinstagram, #cats, #catlovers, and so forth would be appropriate.

You can also use more general hashtags such as #pets or #petsagram if your Instagram account is built around pet photos in general. Another way to find relevant hashtags is to search for them on Google, see what terms people use most, and then jump on that bandwagon!

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when using hashtags is throwing them up in the description without any thought about what they might mean. Using relevant hashtags that are branded will help attract people to your profile, especially if you engage with comments left by fellow Instagrammers who follow similar hashtags.

# 3 - Invest In Instagram Paid Ads

Suppose you're looking to expand your business or brand's reach. In that case, this paid service can help by targeting people from various demographics within set geographic areas to help increase the number of Instagram followers to your profile.

The advantages of using Instagram ads include:

The option to create and launch multiple campaigns at once.
Analyzing engagement of a particular marketing campaign.
Geo-Targeted ads and services.

Paid ads on Instagram appear in a user’s feed and look similar to organic posts. And, just like organic posts, users can engage with ads by swiping up to visit the brand's website or tapping on a link to learn more about a product or service.

# 4 - Utilize Influencer Power

Influencers need to be a component of your Instagram growth strategy. Using influencers will help you gain more exposure and get more Instagram followers by working with social media users that already have an established user base and audience.

While this strategy will not allow you to sell products to their followers directly, it will enable you to build relationships and rapport with a group of people that are already interested in your niche market.

If an influencer likes your brand, services, or products, they may very well post about you on their profile and invite more of their followers to check out what you have to offer.

If this happens, then congratulations! You've just gained free exposure with little to no effort!

# 5 - Geotag Your Content To Get More Instagram Followers

Using the geotagging option on Instagram allows you to tag your photos and videos with location-based hashtags, which will show up in another user's feed when they are nearby. 

This will allow them to find you easier and potentially become a follower.

Additionally, if someone is following a hashtag within their profile that relates to your business, they may find your profile via this method as well.

# 6 - Optimize Captions

The captions for photos and videos on your Instagram profile are an excellent opportunity to add value to your brand's content. Captions are used to encourage people to find out more about what you have posted or visit your website.

This will help generate traffic from relevant hashtags and may motivate users interested in your content to start following your Instagram profile.

# 7 - Write An Active Insta Bio

Your Instagram bio should serve as a short summary of what your business or brand is about. As such, to get more Instagram followers, you need a bio that delivers information clearly and concisely.

Using active language that details how your brand can help a follower in their everyday life will be far more effective than a basic description of your brand.

Additionally, you can include a link to your website or social media profiles in your bio so that followers have easy access to learn more about what you do and why they should follow you on these other platforms.

The Takeaway

The process of getting more Instagram followers to boost your brand's exposure is not an overnight process. It will take some time and may require a few iterations of your strategy before you see the results that you are looking for.

By utilizing these seven Instagram growth strategies and tips, you will be well on your way to increasing the number of followers that your Instagram account receives each day.

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