2023 Apple iPhone 15 Models Could Have 48MP Main Cameras with Larger Sensors

Apple fans, get ready for groundbreaking smartphone photography as the Apple iPhone 15 Series is rumored to bring cutting-edge camera technology to the Cupertino company's popular handset line.

According to the latest "insider" reports, all models, including the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, could boast an impressive 48 MegaPixel camera, promising superior image quality for everyday users.

Non-Pro iPhone 15 models might have a slightly smaller sensor compared to the Pro ones -- but they are expected to feature an advanced 1/1.5-inch stacked CMOS image sensor (CIS) that captures more light, resulting in better photography even in challenging lighting conditions.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 15 Series models are expected to look almost exactly like Apple iPhone 14 Series handsets but the new line will most likely come in new colorways.

An exciting addition for non-Pro models is the 2X mode, simulating the human eye's perspective to produce more lifelike and less distorted portrait images, ensuring an enjoyable photography experience.

Although the standard models have a smaller sensor than the Pro versions, they still represent a significant 27% increase in sensor size from the previous iPhone 14 models, bringing remarkable improvements in image quality for the average user.

Leaked information suggests that the iPhone 15 models may introduce a new hybrid lens design with an f/1.7 aperture, significantly enhancing low-light photography by absorbing up to 20% more light than the iPhone 14 Pro models. Despite concerns, the hybrid lens and the A16 Bionic chip are expected to compensate for any potential performance differences in non-Pro models.

Reportedly, Apple's decision to implement these camera upgrades on standard models is based on insights from iPhone 14's sales performance. While non-Pro iPhone 15 models may lack a telephoto lens or LiDAR scanner, the overall camera technology improvements are likely to appeal to a broader audience, offering an impressive photography experience for everyday users. Keep an eye out for official announcements to confirm these exciting rumors!

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