GCrypto by GCash Lets You Trade BTC, USDC, ETH, and Other Cryptos in Philippine Peso

Crypto is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide despite it's uncertainty. It’s also dominating the Philippines, where you can find different platforms and sites that use crypto as a payment method. Filipinos can now also find crypto exchanges and wallets for selling, buying and investing different tokens.

One of the newest crypto trading apps is GCrypto from GCash, the leading e-wallet in the country. It’s an in-app crypto trading feature in GCash, available to all users starting April 23, 2023. Here, you can buy and sell crypto easily directly in Philippine peso (PHP).

Platforms like this, including Binance and KuCoin, are useful for crypto trading, purchasing items online with crypto, and - for some -  even playing your favourite crypto casino game. Since this feature is integrated in a mobile payment application, you can instantly do many of these activities with just your smartphone. Let’s dive into the details here.

GCash GCrypto

What is GCrypto?

GCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading feature in GCash where users can view, buy, sell, invest, receive and learn about various cryptos. It’s supported by Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX), a licensed Philippine-based crypto exchange.

It initially became available to a few GCash users on April 23, 2023. But on April 27, it became publicly available, as confirmed during the Bitcoin, Beer and Bitstories Event at the Draper Startup House Manila.

Integrating GCrypto into the GCash ecosystem is a key turning point in the Philippine digital economy, considering GCash is the most used e-wallet platform in the country. This means more Filipinos, especially those who lack or have limited banking services now have access to crypto trading and other services.

Available Features of GCrypto

GCrypto offers the following features:

● Top up and withdraw from your GCrypto Trading Wallet
● Buy Crypto
● Sell Crypto
● Send Crypto to Blockchain
● Receive Crypto from Blockchain
● Learn Crypto.

Why Use Cryptocurrency?

Using cryptocurrency comes with lots of benefits, and now, Filipinos can easily access these perks thanks to various crypto trading platforms. Anyone can use it for lots of causes like purchasing items, investing, or even playing crypto casino games

Cryptocurrency has many good things about it. It lets you do transactions without needing a central authority, and you can send money anywhere in the world. It's also really safe because of special coding that keeps things private. Using it costs less than traditional money systems, and it can help people who don't have access to regular banks. You can also quickly send money across countries and even make contracts that work by themselves. Some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are even seen as valuable like gold, and they're used in different areas like money, tracking products, proving who you are online, and making special computer programs, which is changing how money and technology work together everywhere.

Here’s a list of why you might want to use GCrypto by GCash:

Learning Hub Feature

If you’re still unfamiliar with crypto, take the first step and learn all about it first in GCrypto’s learning hub. Here, you can read through friendly guides in the world of crypto. Find answers to your questions about blockchain, NFTs, whitepapers and more before buying.

Ease of Use

GCash is easy to use and the same goes for GCrypto. Even those with zero crypto knowledge can purchase and sell them without a hitch. You just open your GCash app, go to GCrypto and examine current crypto market trends and prices. From there, you can buy crypto and do whatever you want with them. 

Purchase Online with Crypto

Have no trouble paying for online purchases with crypto using GCrypto. This is especially useful if you’re buying from international sites where local bank cards are not accepted. With GCrypto, you can buy anything online in a few seconds.

Buy, Sell, Send, and Receive Crypto in One Place with GCrypto

GCrypto is a breakthrough feature of GCash that demonstrates the company's dedication to innovation. Use it to make the most of your crypto, from investing them to making online purchases. Who knows? Maybe, eventually, those who are interested can even use it to crypto casino games, right? Right now, you can already start to change the way you invest, buy, and trade crypto with GCrypto. However, we advise that you do it with caution and only going all out once you've had enough knowledge about this industry.

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