Whoscall App by Gogolook, Now Available in the Philippines

Imagine this situation: You're starting your day, and your phone rings with an unfamiliar number on display. You hesitate, unsure if it's an important call or just another telemarketer or scammer. The peaceful morning you anticipated turns into anxiety.

Does this sound familiar? Many Filipinos are facing this scenario nowadays, and some have even experienced distressing losses due to scams. Unfortunately, scammers are constantly finding new ways to deceive people.

To address this alarming issue, Whoscall, a renowned app for identifying calls and blocking spam, offers a solution. This app identifies unknown numbers, blocks spam calls, and checks suspicious URLs in messages to provide comprehensive mobile protection. With advanced AI features and a strong reputation, Whoscall is now available in the Philippines to enhance mobile security.

Whoscall App Philippines

On August 22, 2023, Whoscall launched an event called "Scam-Free Pilipinas" at New World Hotel in Makati City. The event gathered cybersecurity experts, policymakers, and individuals who had experienced scams. The event highlighted the rise of fraudulent calls and messages in the Philippines and discussed collective measures to tackle the issue.

Experts from the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center and the Philippine Army highlighted the increasing sophistication of scamming methods. This underscores the importance of Whoscall, which uses modern intelligence to counter these tactics effectively.

Whoscall empowers users to regain control over their phone communications. Its anti-fraud features help users make informed choices about calls and messages, and they can report suspicious numbers, contributing to the fight against fraudulent activities.

The minds behind Whoscall, from Gogolook, explained their motivation for launching in the Philippines. They witnessed the growing fraud during and after the pandemic and saw the losses Filipinos endured, similar to other countries where they've launched the app. This inspired them to create a comprehensive life protection platform accessible to all Filipinos.

Whoscall stands out with its world-leading AI and data-driven technology. It possesses the largest database in East and Southeast Asia, with over 2.6 billion entries to detect unknown callers, spam, scam calls, texts, and harmful URLs. The app's excellence garnered awards on App Store and Google Play, and it has formed partnerships with law enforcement agencies, government bodies, and private sectors.

To wrap up the event, Mr. Gabriel Barrios, Country Marketing Head for the Philippines shared,
"Whoscall has been available and is the leading caller ID and scam detection app in other Asian
countries like Thailand and Taiwan, accumulating 100 million downloads worldwide. It has been
rolling out in other Asian countries, as well, and we’re happy to finally provide this protective
service to all Filipinos."

He added, "We highly encourage everyone to install it on their phones and join the
community to protect themselves and their loved ones from potential risks, fraud, and scams.
It's about time we all step up and unite for a Scam-Free Pilipinas!"

Whoscall is now downloadable on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Just search for "Whoscall" and choose the one from from Gogolook. Alternatively, the app is accessible via the provided QR Code.

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