HONOR 90 5G Philippines Price, Specs, Initial Review, Unboxing, Actual Unit Photos

On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, via an exclusive media event at La Jolla Luxury Resort in Bagac, Bataan, global technology leader HONOR formally launched the much-awaited HONOR 90 5G premium smartphone here in the Philippines.

HONOR 90 5G, which is touted as the world's first smartphone to have a zero-flicker display, dons an official suggested retail price of PHP 24,990, which is rather incredible considering all of its strong selling points, from design to display, camera capabilities to internal hardware, battery size to charging speed.

According to Mr. Stephen Cheng, HONOR Philippines' Vice President, "HONOR is bringing a new powerful and innovative device to cater to the needs of our consumers.  Whether you're a professional seeking on-the-go productivity, an avid content creator capturing life's fleeting moments, or simply someone who values the convenience of modern technology, the new and powerful HONOR 90 5G has been designed to be your ultimate companion."

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Unboxing and Package Contents

The HONOR 90 5G's packaging design is characterized by its simplicity and elegance, reflecting a minimalist and straightforward approach. The device comes enclosed in a plain white box, which exudes a sense of purity and directness. The packaging is devoid of any excessive or unnecessary elements, emphasizing a "no-nonsense" philosophy.

HONOR 90 5G, HONOR 90 5G Philippines

In a market where packaging designs often vie for attention through vibrant colors and intricate patterns, the HONOR 90 5G's approach stands out for its restrained aesthetics. This choice not only aligns with a contemporary design sensibility but also suggests a focus on the core product itself. The absence of distractions allows the device to take center stage, reinforcing the idea that the smartphone's features and performance are what truly matter.

HONOR 90 5G, HONOR 90 5G Philippines

The official HONOR 90 5G retail package includes the unit itself, the user manual, the USB Type C charging cable, the travel charger, the metal pin for ejecting the SIM card tray,  a free soft silicone case, and - a welcome surprise - a 3.5mm audio jack to USB Type C adapter.

I want to note that while I wish that HONOR 90 5G came with a wired earphones as I still love using those for their convenience, I understand that the company had to cut corners in some ways to keep the price of this amazing smartphone accessible.

Design, Aesthetics, and Colorways

The HONOR 90 5G's design is a harmonious fusion of form and function. With dimensions of 161.9 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm and a weight of 183 grams, it boasts a slim profile that rests comfortably both in the hand and in the pocket. The glass and polycarbonate shell with its lustrous metallic finish, exudes a premium aura. The device comes in a captivating quartet of colorways: Midnight Black, Emerald Green, Diamond Silver, and Peacock Blue. Each hue is meticulously crafted to mirror individual preferences, making a personal style statement.

HONOR 90 5G, HONOR 90 5G Philippines, Mark Milan Macanas, TechPinas
I'm now here at La Jolla Luxury Resort in Bagac, Bataan for the official launch of HONOR 90 5G in the Philippines. Thank you for having me, HONOR PH!

From its carefully calculated dimensions to its captivating color palette, every aspect of HONOR 90 5G's design is a nod to the art of creating a device that not only performs exceptionally but also appeals to our senses.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Let's go through the device's panels and button placements.

On the right side, you will find the power button as well as the volume rocker. The left side, on the other hand, has nothing on it and looks clean.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

At the back, HONOR 90 5G features a sleek and sophisticated glass panel with mirror-like finish, especially for the Midnight Black colorway, which I have here.

There are two protruding circular camera modules that hous the Triple Rear Camera system as well as the LED flash. According to our friends from HONOR, This design draws inspiration from the graceful and changing shapes of moon phases, with circles and ellipses overlapping to create a visually pleasing look.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G
This is the Midnight Black colorway of HONOR 90 5G. Doesn't it look classy and elegant? I think it looks sophisticated and fit for any setting; Be it casual, corporate, or formal.

Personally, I think that these circular accents, which resemble not just the phases of the moon but also the number 8, are the identifying physical features of this model. They make HONOR 90 5G stand out not just in the company's product line-up but also in its price bracket. However, since they jut out, you'd definitely need to use the provided protective case to prevent them from being scratched or dented with regular use.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

The top panel also looks svelte with just one microphone pinhole.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Finally, at the rear, there's the Dual nanoSIM card slot that can be ejected using the metal pin, another microphone pinhole, the USB Type C charging port, and a row of five small holes for the loud speaker.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Display That's Easy On The Eyes

For me, the standout feature of the HONOR 90 5G is undoubtedly its 6.7-inch AMOLED display, boasting a resolution of 1200 x 2664 pixels. This screen has defining characteristics that help set this smartphone apart from competitors, including some high-end flagship models that come at a steeper price. HONOR 90 5G's display is not only large but also utilizes advanced technology to deliver an immersive and eye-friendly visual experience.

The HONOR 90 5G elevates its display even further with a distinctive design touch. The 6.7-inch AMOLED screen is subtly curved, akin to a glass brimming on the sides, extending all the way to the edges. This design choice not only enhances the device's aesthetics but also immerses the viewer in an expansive visual treat.

However, the magic doesn't stop there. This screen features PWM Dimming technology that enables a comfortable and flicker-free viewing experience, even in low brightness settings. With a remarkable pulsation frequency of up to 3,840Hz, the display remains soothing to the eyes during prolonged usage, making it an ideal companion for extended content consumption.

If you often indulge in multimedia, gaming, or productivity tasks on your mobile device for extended periods, the HONOR 90 5G's advanced display will definitely improve your user experience.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Reliable Imaging Capabilities

In today's world when everyone has practically become a content creator, having a smartphone that lets you great-looking photos and clear videos is essential.

If you're on the lookout for a reliable content creation tool, HONOR 90 5G is one of the new handset models that you can check out. It has a Triple Rear Camera module that's made up of the following shooters:

200 MegaPixels, f/1.9, 1/1.4", 0.56µm, PDAF - This is most powerful of the bunch. With its high resolution, wide aperture, and big sensor, it captures stunning images with high dynamic range even in low light conditions.

12 MegaPixels, f/2.2, 112˚ Ultrawide, AF - This one has an ultrawide lens that lets you capture more of the scenery, making it ideal for snapping landscape and architectural shots. It's also handy for taking photos of large groups of people.

2 MegaPixels, f/2.4, Depth Sensor - Finally, the third one gauges distance and enables Portrait Mode that adds subtle background blur to solo photos of people.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

For those who love to take selfies and groufies, HONOR 90 5G has a high-resolution 50 MegaPixel f/2.4 front-facing camera that's powered by the company's own customizable beautification software. It also comes with a 100˚ Ultrawide lens that lets you capture more people in groufies or more of the background for context.

For budding vloggers, TikTokers, and Youtubers, HONOR 90 5G also captures clear and crisp videos, especially during daytime or when there's ample ambient light. The main camera at the back can shoot 4K videos at 30fps as well as FullHD clips at 30 and 60fps. On the other hand, the camera in front can also shoot 4K videos - a rarity in smartphones these days - as well as FullHD clips at 30fps.

Stay tuned for my sample photos and videos taken using the HONOR 90 5G in a separate TechPinas blog post and TechPinas Youtube Channel uploads.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Very Impressive Set of Internal Hardware for Midrange Release

For a smartphone with a mid-level price, HONOR 5G 90 has a very impressive set of internal hardware that enable smooth and stutter-free mobile experience even for gamers and power users.

HONOR 90 runs its MagicOS 7.1 customized Android 13 operating system with a 4nm 2.5GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accelerated Edition that doesn't only guarantee fluid and lag-free multitasking but also gives the device great gaming performance, thanks to the powerful Adreno 644 GPU that's embedded in the system.

Those who run so many applications all at once won't have to worry about decreased performance on this model as HONOR 90 5G comes with a whopping 12GB RAM to cover all bases. There's even an available 7GB RAM Extension should more memory be needed in meeting the demands of the heaviest multi-taskers.

Finally, HONOR 90 5G has a very impressed 512GB of internal storage, which is a real treat at this price. Although the handset lacks a microSD card memory expansion slot, 512GB should be more than enough for almost all consumers, letting you take 4K videos and install large gaming files without worries.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Large Battery That Charges Fast

The HONOR 90 5G is powered by a large 5,000 mAh Li-Po battery, a feature that definitely brings a number of advantages to users. This high-capacity pack ensures prolonged usage time, allowing you to engage with your device for extended periods without worrying about running out of power. Whether you're immersed in multimedia, productivity tasks, or gaming, the generous battery capacity ensures you stay connected and entertained throughout the day.

Adding to the convenience is the blazing-fast 66W Fast Charging Speed that comes with the HONOR 90 5G. With the ability to charge from 0% to 100% in just 45 minutes, you no longer need to endure lengthy downtime waiting for your device to replenish its energy. This rapid charging feature lets you top up your battery quickly during short breaks, ensuring you're always ready to go without significant interruptions to your day.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Good Set of Privacy and Security Features

In addition to the conventional pattern and passcode unlocking methods, the HONOR 90 5G has a couple of innovative security options that elevate the device's user authentication experience.

The facial recognition technology implemented in the HONOR 90 5G enhances the convenience and speed of unlocking your device. By analyzing key facial features, the device can accurately and swiftly authenticate your identity, providing a seamless and hands-free unlocking experience. This intuitive method eliminates the need to input a passcode or draw a pattern, making it effortless to access your device while maintaining a high level of security.

There's also an Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner, a feature that we usually see on more expensive handset models. This adds an extra layer of security by using your unique fingerprint to unlock the device. The scanner is discreetly integrated beneath the display, ensuring a sleek and streamlined design while offering a secure and reliable unlocking mechanism. With a simple touch, the device quickly and accurately identifies your fingerprint, gives you immediate access to your device's contents.

The combination of these security features on the HONOR 90 5G gives you several layers of protection against those who may want to view or steal your content without your knowledge.

HONOR 90 5G Philippines, HONOR 90 5G

Price, Availability, Pre-Order Freebie

As mentioned on top of the article, HONOR 90 5G dons an impressive official SRP of only PHP 24,990 -- and from August 16 to 25, 2023, HONOR fans, tech enthusiasts, and Pinoy smartphone aficionados have the exciting opportunity to secure their very own HONOR 90 5G through the exclusive pre-order offer.

As an added incentive, early birds who take advantage of this pre-order period will receive a cool complimentary gift: a JBL Flip 6 speaker valued at PHP 7,499. This amazing offer is only available until supplies last, so you have to act quickly to grab this high-quality accessory by a trusted audio company.

For those who are interested, you may pre-order via these e-commerce channels:

TechPinas Recommendation

I'll make this quick. Considering all of its features that I talked about in this piece and keeping in mind its fairly accessible PHP 24,990 price tag, it's hard for me not to give the HONOR 90 5G my two thumbs up and utmost recommendation.

If you own an aging midrange smartphone or an entry-level device and you feel that you are now due for an upgrade to a more powerful and updated handset but your budget for it is only around PHP 25,000, HONOR 90 5G should be one of the top models in your checklist.

HONOR 90 5G Specs
161.9 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm
183 grams
6.7 inches, 1200 x 2664 pixels, AMOLED
Triple Rear Camera Module:
200 MegaPixels, f/1.9, 1/1.4", 0.56µm, PDAF
12 MegaPixels, f/2.2, 112˚ Ultrawide, AF
2 MegaPixels, f/2.4, Depth Sensor
Front-Facing Camera:
50 MegaPixels, f/2.4, 100˚ Ultrawide
Video Recorder:
Back - 4K 30fps, 1080p 30/60fps, gyro-EIS
Front - 4K 30fps, 1080p 30fps, gyro-EIS 
Android 13
MagicOS 7.1
4nm 2.5GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accelerated Edition
Adreno 644 GPU
12GB RAM + 7GB RAM Extension
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6
Bluetooth 5.2
Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner
Facial Recognition
No 3.5mm Audio Jack
USB Type-C 2.0, OTG
66W Fast Charging
Non-Removable Li-Po 5,000 mAh Battery Pack
Glass and Polycarbonate Shell with Metallic Finish
Midnight Black, Emerald Green, Diamond Silver, Peacock Blue

HONOR 90 5G Price in the Philippines
Official SRP - PHP 24,990
Official Announcement - August 15, 2023 at La Jolla Luxury Resort in Bagac, Bataan

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