Affordable Air Purifier and Dehumidifier Models from CHERRY, Out Now

Adapting to the post-COVID era necessitates adopting various changes in behavior that prioritize safety and well-being. CHERRY offers a range of products designed to minimize and eliminate airborne particles. If you might have missed it, here are the tools to counteract home air pollutants: the CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600, the CHERRY UVC Air Purifier AP-02, and the CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro.

The CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 represents the integration of smart living and the Internet of Things (IoT) into our households, enhancing safety. For instance, smart thermostats simplify daily routines by enabling remote temperature control and scheduling for appliances and electronics. Easily install the CHERRY IoT Solutions app on your device via Wi-Fi or data connection.

CHERRY UVC Air Purifier, CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro

The CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 effectively eliminates airborne viruses through its 4-Layer Medical Grade Filters, including an Anti-Virus H13 HEPA Filter, Washable Mesh Filter, Granular Activated Carbon Filter, and Built-in Ionizer.

Turning attention to the CHERRY UVC Air Purifier AP-02, our foremost concern should be ensuring the sterility and safety of the air we breathe indoors. This model features a six-stage air purification system and emits 80 million negative ions per cubic centimeter. Notably, it employs UVC light disinfection, which boasts a 99.98% virus kill rate, covering an area of up to 50 square meters.

User-friendly touch-screen buttons and temperature display enhance usability. The device also includes a remote control and can be set to shut off automatically using sleep mode.

In light of the rainy season, the CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro offers valuable assistance in preventing mold growth within the home. With a capacious 2-liter water tank, it can extract up to 12 liters of excess moisture daily. Covering a room of up to 20 square meters, it features an energy-saving mode. Notably, the CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro autonomously detects room humidity and powers off once the optimal level is reached, ensuring quiet operation.

Eliminating indoor air pollutants leads to improved health, reducing allergies and viral risks. Choose from the following options: the CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 at PHP 7,000, the CHERRY UVC Air Purifier AP-02 priced at PHP 5,000, and the CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro available for PHP 7,500.

All of these affordable air purifier and dehumidifier models are now available via CHERRY Shop as well as the company's official stores in Lazada and Shopee.

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