iPod Touch 4G Case : iGlaze Touch G4 by Moshi Accessories

Look at what Moshi Monde of Taiwan sent me last week;

ipod touch 4g case

ipod touch 4g case

ipod touch 4g case

ipod touch 4g case

ipod touch 4g case

Yup, an iGlaze Touch G4 case for my iPod Touch 4G in my fave color!

Moshi's iGlaze Touch G4 shell-case was designed for iPod Touch 4G owners who prefer a minimalist-style protection, which serves to accentuate the unique look of the ultra-thin iPod Touch 4th Generation while protecting it from damage.

iGlaze Touch protects the iPod Touch from shocks and scratches without compromising its functionality and form. Even with the case on, all of the iPod Touch’s buttons are still easily accessibl. The outside of the case is surface treated with a specialized coating that provides a great look and feel. iGlaze Touch comes with a protective film offering complete protection for the iPod Touch screen, as well as a separate film for the back of the iDevice, keeping it scratch-free despite rigorous everyday use.

iGlaze Touch G4 is now available at Power Mac Center with a retail price of around Php 1,200. It comes in Blue, Red, Black and Transparent.

ipod touch 4g case

All new generation Apple iPod products that we review were provided and warrantied by Power Mac Center. TechPinas deeply believes in the quality of products and after-sales service of Power Mac Center.

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