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JAYS q-Jays Earphones

jays q-jays


q-Jays, which follows the quite inexpensive a-Jays and d-Jays, is JAYS' top-of-the-line earphones featuring what the company calls 'the smallest dual micro armatures'. q-Jays are now available in the Philippines via AstroVision and AstroPlus stores in Shangrila, V-Mall and SM MOA with a suggested retail price of Php 12,499

Technical Specifications:

For the gadget geeks and earphone enthusiasts: q-Jays come with a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz, 39 Ohm @ 1kHz Impedance and 95dB SPL @ 1kHz Sensitivity.

What comes in the box:

jays q-jays
Ever rarely do we see earphones come with so many accessories.

jays q-jays

jays q-jays
The earphones

Amazingly, despite the phones' diminutive size, JAYS found a way to cram two armature drivers or a miniature sub and tweeter in each of them.

jays q-jays
The extra buds

These canal nozzles, which are key to the q-Jays' noise cancelling feature, are made of silicon flanges.

jays q-jays
Extra buds in various sizes

jays q-jays
Extension wires

jays q-jays

jays q-jays

jays q-jays

jays q-jays


I tested q-Jays on a number of tracks which include songs by The Cab, Lady Antebellum, The Weepies, Nickelback, Whitney Houston, Kanye West, Green Day and Katy Perry, among others and I find that the phone deliver exceptional sound quality.

The treble on vocals especially on belter songs sound clean, creamy and precise -- not shrilly or distorted. I'm a big fan of good vocals and I like that I can get them bright and brilliant with q-Jays.

The mids are just right. They sound natural and balanced.

As for the bass, q-Jays delivers them 'punchy' rather than ear-popping or chest-pounding. I know some people prefer the latter but I actually like a more tight bass sound as I find it less 'tiring' or stressful to the ears.


Selling for Php 12,499, I must admit that q-Jays phones are really on the steep side. However, considering the amazing sound quality that they deliver and all the accessories that comes in the box, I believe q-Jays are well worth the price.

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