Leather Case Stand for iPhone 5 : Ion LeatherGrip, Out Now At Kimstore!

In line with Kim Lato's desire to be serve the needs of Pinoy gadget lovers more, she recently decided to also carry cases and stands for smartphones and tablets in her trusted and popular online shop, Kimstore.

"Whenever they'd pick-up devices that they purchased from us, a lot of our customers would ask if we also sell cases," Kim told me over coffee. "We feel bad every time we answer 'no' -- so earlier this year, I decided to likewise carry these accessories so buyers can immediately purchase something from us to protect their new gadgets with."

"I see. So Kimstore will be more like a 'one stop shop' for Pinoy gadget fans," I answered before asking her, "Do you have Ion LeatherGrip for my Globe iPhone 5? I've always fancied that."

"Yes, I believe we have that one, Mark."

leather case iphone 5, leather stand iphone 5

Priced at Php 2,590, Ion LeatherGrip is not particularly the most affordable case you can get for Apple's flagship smartphone. But when you think about everything that it has and offers, you'll realize that it's well worth it.

leather case iphone 5, leather stand iphone 5

Made of genuine and premium cow-hide leather among other first class materials, Ion Leathergrip case for the iPhone 5 doubles as a versatile media stand. The front cover folds back into a stand giving users easy and convenient photo, video, and movie viewing experience.

leather case iphone 5, leather stand iphone 5

The case comes with a plastic cradle lined with velvet, which keeps the iPhone in place while protecting it against dents and scratches. The cradle has grooves on its sides providing quick access to the power and volume buttons and the 9-pin Lightning port. "So you don't have to rip the case off to use these functions," Kim told me.

leather case iphone 5, leather stand iphone 5

All those features are great and all but what really attracted me to this case is its subdued, no-nonsense design, which perfectly complements my Globe iPhone 5. And of course, you can't go wrong with genuine leather. It feels great to hold and it's really nice to look at.

leather case iphone 5, leather stand iphone 5
I mean, your iPhone 5 is a premium smartphone. You might as well get a premium case for it too, right?

Ion LeatherGrip is just one of the many cases for smartphones that Kimstore currently offers. I believe they also carry cases for iPad, iPad Mini, Nexus devices, and Samsung Galaxy Android smartphones with prices ranging from Php 990 all the way to Php 7,000. For more information, you can visit Kimstore's official Facebook page or call them at +63905-320-1818.

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