Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones Price in the Philippines is Just Php 989 at Big Arrow Online : Here's a Quick Review!

"Mark, what's the best bluetooth earphones you've tried that costs less than Php 1,000?"

That's one of the questions that I'd often get from my friends over dinner ever since bluetooth wireless headsets started flooding the market early last year.

There are a few that are quite cool but this is what's my bag these days:

Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones
My Awei A860BL Wireless Stereo Earphones

Awei is a relatively new electronics company - specializing in mobile audio devices - that has headquarters in Hong Kong and a factory in Shenzhen, China.

Currently, there's no single official distributor of Awei products in the Philippines -- but there are a handful of online sellers offering earphones made by the company.

My trusted Awei reseller in the Philippines is Big Arrow Online, which is owned by my friend Aaron Neri Sanchez -- who's a really nice guy and a good person. If - after reading this - you become interested in purchasing this model, feel free to text or call him via 09279979450.

Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones

There are three things that I particularly love about this pair.

First, of course, it's very affordable. You can get Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones for just Php 989 at Aaron's online store. Needless to say, it's one of the most budget-friendly wireless headsets that you can get in the Philippines as of writing. But what's great is that it's not just cheap; It also gives you great value for money.

Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones

Second, sound quality is top-notch! I've used Bluetooth earphones that cost easily five to seven times more expensive than this one and their audio quality isn't even half as good as what this sub-Php 1,000 pair delivers. The trebles are clean and the basses are punchy and full; None of that muffled sound that we normally get from earphones in this price bracket. If anything, I think this quality is what makes this model worthy of my recommendation.

Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones

And third, it looks and feels more expensive than it actually is. Its shell is crafted from anodized aluminum, the wire is thick and tangle-resistant, and the silicone buds are of high-quality.

Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones
Hard to believe A860BL only costs less than Php 1,000. I mean, just look at it.

Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones
You even get two extra pairs of silicone buds (small and large) and a clip for managing the wire.

Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones
This is the control pad. Pressing the middle button turns the earphones on and long pressing puts it on Bluetooth pairing mode. On either ends are the volume up and down buttons.

Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones
Here's how it looks on the ear when you're wearing it. The silicone buds do a great job at cancelling ambient noise for a more enjoyable music listening experience.

So am I recommending Awei A860BL Bluetooth Earphones? Definitely. If you're looking for a very affordable pair of wireless earphones that deliver great sound quality and looks nice, you should check this one out. In fact, if you want a crystal clear audio experience from such headset but if you're a bit tight on budget, this model should be at the top of your list.

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